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JPI April 2015 Instant Rebate

Purchasing select products between 04/01/2015 and 04/30/2015 automatically qualifies you for the corresponding instant rebates shown below.

$500 on EDM-930 single
$1000 on EDM-960 twin

$300 on EDM-900 single

$300 on EDM-730-4,6,7,8,9
$400 on EDM-830-4C or 6C
Comes with Fuel Flow, MAP, RPM, Oil Temp and Pressure, and %HP

$200 Trade-In 700 to 730/830

$100 on EDM-700-4,6,7,8,9
$300 on EDM-800-4c or 6C
Comes with Fuel Flow, MAP, OAT, RPM, and %HP

$200 on EDM-760 twin (or $500 if you add Fuel Flow)
$300 on EDM-790 twin
$200 discount when you trade-in your EDM-760 toward an EDM-790

$50 FS-450 Fuel Flow
stand alone single engine