NOTE: Through December 18, 2020, Garmin will exchange original G500, G500H, and G600 feature enablement SD cards for corresponding G500 TXi, G500H TXi, and G600 TXi feature enablement SD cards at no additional cost. The physical cards must be returned, and Garmin requires that the exchange is requested at the time the TXi display is ordered. No exceptions will be made, so please let us know up front if you have any enablements.

GARMIN G500/G600 TXi

Flight Display System

The TXi family incorporates a familiar touchscreen design with modern processors that support improved map and chart rendering, faster panning and contemporary single-finger zoom and pinch-to-zoom gestures. Through any combination of the touchscreen or dual concentric knobs, pilots can quickly access and view flight information at a glance. Modernized displays and large fonts offer improved readability, while the simplistic user-interface helps reduce overall pilot workload. Pilots will also appreciate a familiar in-flight experience behind the TXi series as the user interface is harmonious with multiple Garmin products, such as the GTN™ 650/750 touchscreen navigators.

Examples of Our Recently Completed Installations

Bonanza B36TC

Single 10" G500 TXi

Bonanza A36

Dual 10" G500 TXi

Cessna 182P

Single 10" G500 TXi

Pilatus PC-7

Two 10" G500 TXi

Cessna 172M

Dual 10" G500 TXi w/EIS TXi

Mooney M20R

Single 10" G500 TXi

Why Upgrade?

 Latest Technology
 Streamlined Touch Interface
 Software Upgradable
 Easily Integrated with GTN Avionics
 Optional Engine Monitoring
 And Much More...

Upgrade Options

The Garmin G500/G600 TXi offers a wide range of display combinations to ensure you get the most our of your flying experience. To help with the upgrade process, we’re offering you Trade-in credit on your existing G500/G600 displays.


  List Price Your Price
G500 to 10.6" TXi* $10,995 $7,989
G600 to 10.6" TXi* $15,630 $11,389
* GDU 620 must be functional and flightworthy and in good cosmetic condition to receive trade-in credit. Subject to evaluation. Price listed is for display only, not including labor. Enablements not included. Additional equipment may be required.