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Lightspeed has become a leader in the realm of wearable technology for pilots by operating with a simple strategy: know your customer well and remain committed to relentless product evolution that expands performance to the edge of technological possibilities.

Delta Zulu

ANR Aviation Headset (Battery-power, Dual GA Plugs) Lightspeed Part #: 4074

Delta Zulu is built for your mission with safety, control, and comfort in mind. Our newest headset includes Lightspeed’s best ANR to date, with the superior comfort and durability you expect from a Zulu, while also introducing groundbreaking new technologies that could save the lives of both pilots and passengers.

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Zulu 3

ANR Aviation Headset (Battery-power, Dual GA Plugs) Lightspeed Part #: 4064

Zulu 3 builds on the performance and features that have made the legendary Zulu line the choice of private and professional pilots worldwide, but adds a number of enhancements to deliver even more comfort and durability.

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ANR Aviation Headset (Portable, Straight Cord, Standard GA Plugs) Lightspeed Part #: 4000

Step up to the world of premium ANR headsets with the value-priced Sierra. Picked as the "hands-down favorite" in Aviation Consumer's real-world test of budget ANR headsets, Sierra delivers the comfort, quiet, and advanced features you've come to expect from Lightspeed.

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The Gann

Flight Bag Lightspeed Part #: 4112
From $299.00

Ready for a true journey, the Gann is imbued with the same insatiable thirst for adventure as the novelist it is named for. Spacious but cabin-friendly, this carpenter-style bag is a great companion to the pilot who has everything — and likes to take it along.

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The Markham

Flight Bag Lightspeed Part #: 4111
From $249.00

Set off on your own record flight with a flight bag as beautiful and daring as the pioneering aviator and writer whose name it bears. Thoughtfully designed to be both compact and functional, the Markham is perfect for the pilot who never knows what adventure waits at the end of the next runway.

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The Duke

Flight Bag Lightspeed Part #: 4115

The Duke is handmade from full grain, oiled South American cowhide in black. Uncoated for authentic look and wear, they will become more supple with age and use, while taking on a rich patina. Each hide has its own distinctive grain and markings, making each bag as unique as the pilot who owns it.

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Tango Battery Charger

Stand-alone battery charger for Tango Lithium Ion Batteries Lightspeed Part #: A550

A wall-mount battery charger for the Tango rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

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Organizer Insert

Organizer Insert for Lightspeed Flight Bag Lightspeed Part #: 4113/4116

The organizer insert is designed to help organize the interior of your Markham or Gann flight bag and features padded, sewn-in dividers, multiple accessory pockets and woven bindings to protect the edges. Made from 210 Denier polyester, it is perfectly sized to hold a headset, camera, and other essential gear.

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Zulu Refresher Kit

Refresher Kit for Lightspeed Zulu Headsets Lightspeed Part #: A119

The Refresher Kit for Zulu series headsets include Lightspeed's Performance Ear Seals, a Zulu Series / PFX Head Pad and two (2) Zulu Series / Tango / Sierra / PFX Wind Screens (Mic Muff).

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Tango/Sierra Refresher Kit

Refresher Kit for Lightspeed Sierra and Tango Headsets Lightspeed Part #: A123

The Refresher Kit for Zulu series headsets include Lightspeed's Performance Ear Seals, a Zulu Series / PFX Head Pad and two (2) Zulu Series / Tango / Sierra / PFX Wind Screens (Mic Muff).

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Mic Muff Replacement

Wind Screen for Zulu Series / Tango / Sierra / PFX Lightspeed Part #: A139

This wind screen (mic muff) fits all current Lightspeed Zulu Series, Sierra, Tango and PFX headset models All Lightspeed headset mics are calibrated for use with a wind screen.

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Ear Seals

Performance Ear Seals for Zulu Series/Sierra/Tango/PFX (pair) Lightspeed Part #: A490

One pair of ear seals for use with the following:

  • Zulu Series
  • Sierra
  • Tango
  • PFX

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Zulu Head Pad

Replacement Head Pad for Lightspeed Headsets (Zulu/Zulu2/Zulu3/PFX) Lightspeed Part #: A483/A484

Available for the Lightspeed Zulu, PFX, Sierra and Tango.

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