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Built from the ground up with a native touchscreen interface -- but retaining all of the tried and true capabilities of the G3X -- the new G3X Touch is the smartest, most advanced large-format flight display Garmin has ever designed specifically for experimental/amateur-built aircraft. Infrared touchscreen technology puts all of your flight information at your fingertips. Easily pan across the moving map by dragging your finger across the screen or pinch to zoom to see more detail. Switch from full-screen PFD to split PFD/MFD with a touch. Add an optional remote transponder and remote comm and have everything you need to fly VFR -- and tune frequencies and enter squawk codes along the way with just a few taps.

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Developed specifically for experimental aircraft, the Garmin autopilot for G3X features advanced features like flight director, coupled approaches and auto-trim. All it takes is the addition of an affordable GSA 28 "smart" servo units to give your G3X a range of autopilot capabilities similar to those provided by Garmin's top-end flight control technology.

Angle-of-Attack and Pitot Probes

None Unheated Unregulated heater (14V) Unregulated heater (28V) Regulated Heater

The angle of attack probe is available with unheated pitot, with pilot-controllable heated pitot, or with automatic temperature regulating pitot that helps protect against inflight icing, helps save power and maintains a lower surface temperature when operating in stagnant air.

Garmin Audio Panel Options

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Designed for experimental and light sport (LSA) aircraft, Garmin's versatile audio panels bring flexibility and functionality to the cockpit at an affordable price.

Com, Nav/Com, and GPS/Nav/Com Options

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Add one of Garmin's experimental Comms, or a GTN-series WAAS GPS/NAV/COM/MFD paired with a secondary GNC 255A Nav/Comm radio, to expand the capabilities of the G3X in your aircraft.
Garmin ADS-B Transponder Options

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Outfitting your experimental or light sport aircraft to meet equipage rules for NextGen airspace just got easier -- and more beneficial.

Other Options

Select from any of the options below to add to your G3X system capabilities.

GHA 15 Height Advisor 0 1
G5 Electronic Flight Instrument (w/ backup battery) 0 1
G5 Electronic Flight Instrument (w/o backup battery) 0 1
GAD 29C ARINC 429 Interface 0 1
GAD 27 Control Interface 0 1
GSU 25C ADAHRS (Second) 0 1
GDL 50R Remote-mount ADS-B 'In' Receiver 0 1
Comant CI 105 antenna 0 1
GAD 13 Adapter w/Connector Kit 0 1

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