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If you are redoing your panel, consider a primary JPI EDM. With the 900 on board, you can remove many of your old engine gauges, open up valuable space in your panel, and fly with peace of mind knowing the JPI will alert you instantly if any of the parameters exceeds the programmed limit. Like the 730/830, the EDM 900 is offset, and can fit both directions in your panel. Using the USB port data can be downloaded using free EzTrend software, or easily updated with a thumb drive. Non certified information can user configured. The EDM 900 is a TSO’d, compact and very easy to use and read in flight.

Not only is the EDM 900 TSO'd (available as non TSO'd for experimental aircraft as well), but all of the functions covered by the EDM 900 are TSO'd and STC'd as PRIMARY functions.

  • FAA STC approved to replace all engine instruments in over 1000 of aircraft
  • GPS input/output to all GPS's including handheld
  • Over 40 functions displayed and recorded including fuel level
  • Proven data recording once every 6 seconds
  • Specifically configured for your aircraft per the POH

  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 3.3" x 2.0" depth
  • 3-1/8" mount and 8' cable
  • 1°F Resolution
  • Linearized Accuracy: 1°F
  • VGA display viewable in direct and indirect sunlight
  • Operates from 10 to 35 volts at 1/2 amp

Hardware Included:

  • EDM-900 all-in-one bright SVGA display
  • Pre-wired harness for all functions
  • All EGT/CHT probes
  • Oil pressure transducer
  • Oil temperature sensor
  • OAT sensor
  • RPM sensor, one required
  • Manifold pressure transducer
  • 100 amp shunt (2)(for amps)
  • Volts pick-up V-1 and V-2
  • 2GB memory download/upload stick
  • FloScan fuel flow transducer w/firesleeve
  • Demo DVD

Functions Included:

  • RPM Engine
  • MAP Manifold Pressure
  • % HP Percent of Horse Power
  • EGT Exhaust Gas Temp
  • CHT Cylinder Head Temp
  • O-T Oil Temperature
  • O-P Oil Pressure
  • OAT Outside Air Temp
  • VDC Voltage
  • AMP Current amps/load
  • GPH Gallons per Hour
  • REQ Required to wp or destination
  • USD Fuel used
  • MPG Miles per Gal
  • L-R Main Fuel Quantity, level
  • CLD Shock Cooling on All cylinders
  • DIFF Gami spread high low fuel flow
  • USB Memory stick 2GB
  • Data Recording 800 Hrs every 6 sec
  • EZTrends Graphing Software free

Available Options:

  • Fuel Pressure (Transducer & Harness)
  • Amps - 2
  • Volts - 2
  • TIT 1 & 2
  • CDT (Compressor Discharge Temperature)
  • IAT (Induction Air Temperature)
  • Diesel MAP to 105 in hg
  • Diesel RPM


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Prop 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.