Special Pricing on JP Instruments Engine Monitors/Fuel Flow

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Model No. Pricing
EDM-800 from $3,249.00
EDM-730 from $1,729.00
EDM-830 from $2,879.00
EDM-900 from $4,289.00
EDM-930 from $5,999.00
EDM-960 from $13,289.00

Fuel Flow Pricing
FS-450 $529.00

Available in Gravity or Pressure models.


Special Pricing on EI Engine Monitor/Fuel Flow

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Engine Analyzers Pricing
CGR-30P Basic from $3,398.00
CGR-30P Premium from $4,098.00
CGR-30 Premium Combo from $5,048.00
CGR-30P Twin from $7,998.00

Fuel Flow Pricing
FP-5 $549.00
FP-5L from $5695.00

insight g series

Low prices on Insight G-series graphic engine monitors!

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Engine Monitors Pricing
G1 (2-1/4") from $1,449.00
G2 (2-1/4") from $1,589.00
G3 (2-1/4") from $2,059.00
G4 (3-1/8") from $2,649.00
G4 Twin from $5,449.00