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When Insight introduced the Graphic Engine Monitor in 1981 it defined engine monitoring technology for the next 30 years.


Color Graphic Engine Monitor (2-1/4") Insight Avionics Part #: 610C-142

The G1 GEM offers the basic monitoring features for EGT/CHT/TIT and CT (Carburetor Temperature) as the other G-series GEMs but not the advanced leaning features (that require real-time fuel flow data).

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Color Graphic Engine Monitor (2-1/4") Insight Avionics Part #: 610C-2XX
From $1,589.00

Special Lean Of Peak Functionality, Extensive Measurement Coverage, Continuous Probe Diagnosis, Sophisticated Data Logging, Fully Compatible Upgrade.

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Color Graphic Engine Monitor (2-1/4") Insight Avionics Part #: 610C-3XX
From $2,059.00

Despite its enormous capabilities the new G3 is a compact size and plug-compatible replacement for all previous GEMs.

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Color Graphic Engine Monitor (3-1/8") Insight Avionics Part #: 610C-4XX
From $2,649.00

G4 is a backseat readable G3 with a bigger screen in a 3.125 inch bezel.

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Color Graphic Engine Monitor for Twin Engine Aircraft Insight Avionics Part #: 1210C-0XX
From $5,449.00

Insight's 1200C Graphic Engine Monitor (G4) colour-coded bargraph and digital values may be Primary for CHT, EGT and TIT. All other data shown in cyan at the top of display are to be supplementary.

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Air Data Computer Insight Avionics Part #: 1000-001-X
From $2,589.00

Today’s modern avionics integrate many functions with your GPS, but standard installations leave many important features untapped. The TAS 1000 Multi-Function Data Source was specifically designed to supply all the information needed to fill in the missing pieces of your GPS or MFD display in real-time.

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Digital Lightning Detection Insight Avionics Part #: 2000-021-0xx-018
From $3,739.00

Available versions: Round or 3ATI display, and with or without gyro.

200, 100, 50 and 25nm Weather Avoidance. Innovative technology only at Insight now brings you a display that is brighter than direct sunlight. New Ultra Bright LED Display.

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Carburetor Temperature Option

Carb Temp Option for Insight G1 Engine Monitor Insight Avionics Part #: 610C-021

Only available for purchase in conjunction with an Insight G1 Engine Monitor.

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Pre-Owned Digital Lightning Detection Insight Avionics Part #: 2000-009/U

All used avionics come with Sarasota Avionics' 6-month guarantee!  Limited availability.

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