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Experimental Engine Monitors

Engine monitors for your Experimental/LSA Aircraft from JP Instruments, Electronics International, Garmin, and Dynon Avionics.

MVP-50P Experimental

Engine Analyzer/Systems Monitor for Piston Aircraft Electronics International Part #: MVP50P
From $5,350.00

Electronics International has redefined what an engine analyzer should be with the full color, glass-paneled, completely customizable MVP-50.

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MVP-50T Experimental

Engine Analyzer/Systems Monitor for Turboprop & Jet Aircraft Electronics International Part #: MVP50T-EXP
From $6,489.00

STC'd and TSO'd as Primary Replacement.
The MVP-50T has redefined what a Turboprop engine analyzer should be.

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GEA 24B (Experimental)

Engine Interface Module (Non-TSO'd) Garmin Part #: 010-02770-00
From $799.00

With the GEA 24 stand-alone EIS interface module, homebuilders now have greater flexibility in the installation location. This new design also incorporates standard-density connecters for easier wiring.

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EDM-900 Experimental

Color Engine Management System JP Instruments Part #: EDM900-EXP
From $4,339.00

The EDM-900 has a built-in EDM-800 plus many other gauges in combination together.  The reliability and ingenuity of many JPI products are bundled together in one spectacular "all-in-one" instrument.

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EDM-930 Experimental

Engine Data Management JP Instruments Part #: EDM930-EXP
From $6,049.00

Think of your EDM-930 as your personal flight engineer. Always there, working in the background, constantly watching over your engine while you concentrate on flying the aircraft. Your EDM-930 will be monitoring your engine conditions 4 times per second and will warn you instantly if any measurement exceeds the programmed limit.

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