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Experimental Intercoms

Intercoms for Experimental/LSA aircraft, from PS Engineering and Flightcom.


Intercom for Dynon Skyview Systems Dynon Avionics Part #: 101677-000

The SV-INTERCOM-2S offers audio panel features at half the price. Dynon's new two-place, stereo Intercom solves the problem of having to choose between an under-featured intercom or an expensive audio panel. The SV-INTERCOM-2S has everything you need to connect EFIS systems, stereo music, and other technology in your panel.

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4-Place Intercom PS Engineering Part #: 11801

3Affordability, ease of use, plenty of audio power, and high reliability were the primary engineering considerations for the PM501, our lowest cost intercom. The PM501 provides all basic intercom capabilities plus many of the most advanced features usually only found in more expensive models.

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2-Place Intercom for High Noise Environment (Experimental) PS Engineering Part #: 1196X
From $469.95

Available in Panel Mount or Remote version.
The PM1200 is a two place panel mount intercom designed for the loudest of aircraft. Designed to be a direct replacement for PM1000II series, it provides unprecedented noise reduction capability.

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2-Place Stereo Intercom Flightcom Part #: 101-0246-00

The 403LSA is simple to operate and easy to use, just like the Light Support Aircraft (LSA).  The 2-place stereo, voice activated intercom enhances the fun of fling, as well as safety, by optimizing communication clarity.  With a low price, the 403LSA fits nicely with the LSA objective of making flying affordable for everyone.

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