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iPad Sport Cool Case

Cooling Kneeboard/Mountable Case MyGoFlight Part #: KNE-1260/KNE-1270

Available for iPad Pro 11 (Gen 1 / Gen 2), and iPad 4 2020

The iPad Sport Cool Case is the first iPad case to add high-end gaming laptop cooling technology engineered to provide maximum airflow with minimum noise powered from the iPad itself in a cool, sleek design. No extra batteries, minimal extra weight.

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Flight Bag PLC Lite

Flight Bag MyGoFlight Part #: BAG-1050

Created to be the perfect bag for pilots looking for a light iPad ready flight bag. The PLC Lite is a high quality flight bag built to the same high standards as all other MYGOFLIGHT products.Designed by pilots to meet the exacting needs of the cockpit environment.

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Flight Bag PLC Sport

Flight Bag MyGoFlight Part #: BAG-1035

A smaller version of the Flight Bag PLC Pro, with enough room to carry one headset, an iPad/EFB, a hand held radio, and other gear. Same industry leading quality, in a compact size.

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Picture of Flight Bag PLC Pro - 2023 Edition
New Design

Flight Bag PLC Pro - 2023 Edition

Flight Bag MyGoFlight Part #: BAG-1040

The newly redesigned PLC™ PRO is the latest addition to MYGOFLIGHT’s amazing line of flight bags. Made from rugged ballistic nylon, this bag is engineered to fit the lifestyles of aviators and travelers that bring both style and durability. This flight bag is the ultimate solution for storing and protecting the essentials needed for any destination.

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Flight Bag PLC Pro Traveler

Flight Bag Combined with an International Rolling Bag MyGoFlight Part #: BAG-1075

Perfect for an overnight trip or a week long flight out of town, the PLC Traveler is tough, lightweight, and smart. Made from sail cloth and features the classic PLC Series shape with multiple pockets for storage, a locking telescoping pull handle, and easy-rolling wheels that make it a cinch to maneuver.

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Aviator Pro AL21

Luggage MyGoFlight Part #: BAG-3005

The Aviator Pro luggage reflects a combination of advanced engineering and design, built with the highest level of attention to detail, function and style. Aircraft grade aluminum shell and timeless case structure. Travel the way it's supposed to be.

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Dual Digital USB Charger

USB-A/USB-C Charging Ports MyGoFlight Part #: ACC-1079

MYGOFLIGHT developed the first DualMicro Charger for use in aviation that was incredibly successful. To raise the bar, we have now created the Dual Digital with a display that shows volts in and amps drawn by each port. No guessing! Further, it supports USB A & USB C and carries 36W of quick charging power.

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Kneeboard/Mountable Case for iPad Mini 6

Kneeboard/Mountable Case MyGoFlight Part #: KNE-4040

The iPad Kneeboard/Mountable Case is the perfect aviation kneeboard, mount and everyday case for the iPad. It is designed for the pilot looking to secure their iPad to their leg or for the pilot that prefers to mount their iPad. The black, smooth polycarbonate adds protection and great feel to the iPad. Take your iPad from air to office to home. It is perfect for pilots of all aircraft. This product fits the iPad mini 6.

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Aviator Sport

Kneeboard/Mountable Case MyGoFlight Part #: KNE-xxxx

Available for iPad Mini 1/2/3/4/5, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air 1/2, iPad 9.7"/Pro 9.7", iPad Pro 10.5"/Air 10.5", iPad Air 4 10.9", iPad Pro 11" Gen 1/2/3.
The iPad Kneeboard Sport is the perfect aviation kneeboard, mount and everyday case for the iPad 2/3/4, iPad Air or iPad mini. It is designed for the pilot looking to secure their iPad on either leg, who needs the minimal case, but still wants a very secure fit, or for the pilot that wants to mount their iPad.

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Universal Folio C

Kneeboard MyGoFlight Part #: KNE-xxxx
From $159.00

Available in Mini (7-8" tablets), Full (9-10" tablets), and Pro (11-13" tablets).
The iPad Universal Kneeboard Folio C (including clipboard) is the perfect high quality leather, rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard and everyday case for your iPad and all other tablets. Now you can bring almost any iPad/Tablet with you into the cockpit of any airplane, train, car or truck where it can be held secure on your knee and lap.

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Hand Mount

Hand Mount for iPad MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-2005

Secure your iPad on the go! The new iPad Hand Mount allows you to grip your iPad or tablet while maintaining a full range of motion. Whether for aviation, construction, outdoor order processing, field work, travel or play, the Hand Mount is a single solution for a range of applications. No dropping. One hand operation. Ultimate security.

The Hand Mount is compatible with all iPad Sport Case™ and Universal Cradle™ models.

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iPad / Tablet Leg Mount

Hand Mount for iPad MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-1890

The Ultimate Kneeboard. Now you can tilt and position the iPad or iPad Mini where it is easily seen & operated. Like adding an additional screen to your cockpit. Maintain full visibility of panel information & controls. Rock solid, very comfortable, magnetic latch straps

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iPad Mini Universal Folio

Kneeboard MyGoFlight Part #: KNE-4020

The iPad Mini Universal Kneeboard Folio™ is the perfect high quality leather, rotating aviation kneeboard, lapboard and everyday case for your iPad Mini 1/2/3/4, and all other 7-8" tablets.

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Compact Bolted Quick Release

Compact Bolted Quick Release MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-2030

The Compact Boltedl Quick Release secures to any solid, flat surface. Also compatible with the industry standard AMPs hole pattern. The mount provides maximum stability and reliability. When the base is secured you can slide in the mount and lock it in place using Clip slides. Base measures 1.56" x 1.875".

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Sport Mount, Flex

Adjustable Arm Mount MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-18xx
From $129.00

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Sport Mount, Compact

Adjustable Arm Mount MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-xxxx
From $149.00

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Sport Mount, Flex Yoke

Adjustable Arm Mount MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-xxxx
From $149.00

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Sport Mount, Helicopter

Adjustable Arm Mount MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-18xx

Available for Robinson Helicopters (Center Spar Mount or Console Bar Mount), or Airbus (Square Tube Mount).

The infinitely articulating and adjustable arm attaches to the Universal Cradle to hold any iPad or Tablet, or to the iPad Sport Case for a specific iPad fit. This feature makes this mount future proof. Once attached, the iPad can be viewed in either portrait or landscape modes simply by rotating the device, nothing has to be loosened or tightened to make this happen.

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X-Naut Sport Adapter

Sport Adapter for X-Naut Active Cooling Mounts MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-1680

Keep your iPad cool using the X-naut Active Cooling Mount for iPads. Keep it protected using any MGF Sport Mount plus this X-naut Adapter. The X-naut Adapter attaches to the back of the iPad Air and the iPad mini X-naut iPad Cases. Once attached to the case you can now mount the X-naut onto any MGF mount.

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Sport - Universal Cradle

Universal Mount Cradle for MyGoFlight Sport Mounts MyGoFlight Part #: MNT-161x
From $149.00

Available in standard Universal Cradle and "XL" models.

The Sport - Universal Cradle is designed to work with almost any tablet in virtually any case, or no case at all. As a mountable, it connects and easily rotates when paired with MGF Sport Mounts. The arms of the cradle are adjustable via quick release knobs making it easy to insert and remove your tablet. Weighing only 4 ounces the Universal Cradle is incredibly light-weight. No matter how you use it, the Sport Cradle meets the demands of pilots operating in extreme motion.

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