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Comant Industries manufactures aviation antennas focusing on GPS, Communications and Navigation products for General Aviation, Light Jets and Helicopters.


VHF Blade Com Antenna Comant Part #: CI-108

Designed for high-performance aircraft applications. Suitable for either top or bottom mounting. Solid Polyurethane construction for strength, reliability and durability. White Polyurethane finish is Skydrol and rain erosion resistant.

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Com Whip Antenna Comant Part #: CI-109

Exhibits excellent electrical characteristics and incorporates an aerodynamically shaped mounting base and radiator housing that matches the styling of the communication antennas used on the 1968-72 single engine Cessnas.

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VOR/LOC/GS "V" DIPOLE Comant Part #: CI158C
From $379.00

Available models: CI-158C and CI-158C-2.

"V" Dipole VOR/Glide Slope Antenna with detachable elements mounts on top of the vertical fin stabilizer for most single engine general aviation aircraft. RF design similar to the CI-157P.

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VHF Com Blade Antenna Comant Part #: CI-119

Frequency 118-137 MHz
Designed for large single or twin-engine aircraft. The antenna assembly enclosed in an aerodynamically shaped, injection molded polyester glass shell with internal components foamed in place for mechanical integrity. Reduced height convenient for mounting to the underside of an aircraft. The 119 has been re-tested and upgraded to the new RTCA DO-160D environmental requirements and offers the 118 to 137 MHz frequency associated with DO-186A MOPS.

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VHF Comm Rod Antenna Comant Part #: CI121

Similar to the CI-109, the CI-121 is smaller in diameter and lighter at only 0.5 pounds. Features a tapered glass laminate housing and die-cast aluminum base. Offers standard mounting and appearance to many Cessna communication antennas.

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VHF Comm Bent Whip Antenna Comant Part #: CI122

Designed specifically for mounting to the underside of an aircraft providing excellent radiation coverage for air-to-ground communications. Bent configuration makes it ideally suited for helicopters and low wing aircraft.

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VHF Blade Comm Antenna for Piper Comant Part #: CI-139

Piper compatible mounting version of the CI-119 with respect to the mounting hole pattern and RF connector location. The CI-139 has been re-tested and upgraded to the new RTCA DO-160D environmental requirements and offers the 118 to 137 MHz frequency associated with DO-186A MOPS.

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Transponder Stub Antenna Comant Part #: CI101

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DME/Transponder Antenna Comant Part #: CI-305

Miniature high speed DME/transponder, one of the smallest DME/transponder antennas available from Comant. Less than 2.75 inches high featuring a very low-drag frontal profile. Strong, lightweight and easy to mount using four external mounting holes in the base.

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DME/Transponder Antenna Comant Part #: CI105
From $169.00

Available models: CI-105, CI-105-3, CI-105-9 or CI-105-16.

Broadband and rugged antenna designed for DME or transponder use.

  • Encased in a glass reinforced polyester molded shell
  • Standard two stud mounting configuration
  • Includes a BNC connector

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ComDat GPS WAAS Antenna Comant Part #: CI 428-200

Comant’s ComDat GPS WAAS antenna designed specifically to meet the GPS WAAS Gamma 3 specificatons required by the Garmin G1000 system. Not compatible with portable GPS receiver units.

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GPS Antenna Comant Part #: CI-401-220

Frequency 1575.42 MHz 26dB Gain
Comant’s ComDat stand-alone GPS antenna with TNC connector. Matches the standard ARINC footprint found on many twins and business jets.

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CI-120 GS

VOR/GS Navigation Antenna Comant Part #: CI-120 G/S

Frequency 108-118 MHz (VOR/LOC), 329-335 MHz (Glide Slope). VOR/GS navigation antenna set provides optimum VOR performance when used for area navigation. Antenna system qualified for use on single, twin, jet and helicopter aircraft.

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XM Weather Antenna Comant Part #: CI-420-10

Comant’s ComDat® XM Weather antenna designed for Garmin GDL 69/69A receivers and Heads Up Technologies (HUT) receivers with short coaxial cable runs. Features robust TNC female connector. Conforms to the popular teardrop footprint standard on many general aviation aircraft and business jets.

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Marker Beacon Antenna Comant Part #: CI102

Frequency 75 MHz

Designed for use with modern, high sensitivity marker beacon receivers. Small and lightweight, featuring 4-hole internal mounting for simple installation. Antenna assembly is enclosed in an injection molded radome which is impervious to the tough environments typical of the underside of an aircraft.

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Marker Beacon Antenna Comant Part #: CI-118

Frequency 75 MHz
Designed specifically for high-performance aircraft applications. Features aerodynamic design in a lightweight package. Antenna is a low profile blade-type encased in a molded polyurethane shell. Skydrol and rain erosion resistant.

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Diplexer/Dual VOR or Dual Marker Comant Part #: CI-502

Dual VOR coupler allows the simultaneous use of two VOR receivers from one VOR antenna. Compact design makes installation easy.

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Dual Glideslope Coupler Comant Part #: CI-503

Dual glide slope coupler designed to allow the operation of two glide slope receivers from one glide slope antenna. Compact design makes installation easy.

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Diplexer Dual VOR Glide Slope Comant Part #: CI505

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Diplexer VOR/Glide Slope Comant Part #: CI507

Single VOR/single glide slope diplexer allows the operation of one VOR and one glide slope receiver from one VOR/glide slope antenna. Compact design makes installation easy.

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Marker Beacon Antenna Coupler Comant Part #: CI-509

Dual marker beacon coupler permits the use of two marker beacon receivers from one marker beacon antenna. Compact design makes installation easy.

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Diplexer Dual VOR/Dual GS Comant Part #: CI1125

Dual VOR/dual glide slope diplexer features diplexer circuitry in a small die-stamped housing for high reliability. Provides operation between two VOR receivers and two glide slope receivers from the same VOR/glide slope antenna.

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XP Satellite High Gain Teardrop Antenna Comant Part #: CI-420-1

The CI 420-1 is a stand-alone XM approved antenna that operates with Garmin, Avidyne, Heads Up Technologies, and WeatherWorx weather data systems in the popular teardrop shape. This same antenna will also operate popular XM based music systems.

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VOR GS V Dipole Antenna (for Piper) Comant Part #: CI-157P

"V" Dipole VOR/Glide Slope Antenna with fixed elements designed specifically for compatibility with the Piper Aircraft mounting. Integral ferrite balun provides for higher radiation efficiency replacing cumbersome coaxial baluns previously utilized. Radiating elements are not removable.

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