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PS Engineering

Since its founding in 1985, PS Engineering has grown to become a leader in the field of aircraft intercom and audio panel manufacturing.


Advanced 6-Place Audio Panel w/USB Charger & PS Streamer PS Engineering Part #: 050-890-091x
From $1,795.00

Available with or without marker beacon.

  • Over 30 years of audio control expertise – audiophile stereo sound since 1992
  • True Dimensional Sound as invented by the USAF – considered “A Better Way” by Aviation Consumer®
  • IntelliVox® Auto Squelch technology, first hands-free VOX with no clipping and has been described by pilots as magic
  • Multitasking Bluetooth® capability, Stream, make phone calls, and send audio to video cameras, all at the same time
  • Flightmate® is the only digital recorder in an audio panel that allows the pilot to create their very own audio alerts. Includes 2 ½ minutes of scratch-pad recording

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Bluetooth Audio Panel PS Engineering Part #: 050-450-0x01
From $2,495.00

Available with optional Marker Beacon receiver.
With licensed patented technology from the USAF, IntelliAudio® provides True Dimensional Sound for the General Aviation pilot. This gives the pilot the ability to place Com audio in different positions, making discerning important information easier.

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Bluetooth Audio Panel PS Engineering Part #: 050-450-0x01
From $2,095.00

Available with optional Marker Beacon receiver.
The PMA450C has all of the capabilities of the PMA450B, except IntelliAudio® will place Com 1 at the 10 o’clock position and Com 2 at the 2 o’clock position. This is compared to the PMA450B's ability to place Com 1 and Com 2 in 9 unique positions.

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4-Place Intercom PS Engineering Part #: 11922
From $459.95

The PM1000II panel mounted, four-channel intercom gains the benefits of PS Engineering's 18 years of design excellence. This popular panel mount has advanced features found in only more expensive competitor's units.

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4-Place Intercom PS Engineering Part #: 11931A
From $649.95

The PM3000 boasts an easy-to-use interface that clearly outperforms the competition. With the PM3000, you get years of trouble-free operation in a very inexpensive unit.

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Audio Panel with Bluetooth PS Engineering Part #: 050-781-0204
From $1,695.00

Plug 'N Play for original PMA7000-series with Bluetooth, Stereo-Intellivox, Marker Beacon.

NOTE: This is a slide-in replacement for legacy audio panels. An install kit not available.

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Audio Panel with Bluetooth PS Engineering Part #: 050-781-0604

Plug 'N Play for original PMA6000-series with Bluetooth, Mono-Intellivox, Marker Beacon.

NOTE: This is a slide-in replacement for legacy audio panels. An install kit not available.

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Certified Audio Panel with TY91L Com Radio PS Engineering Part #: 050-228-0300
From $3,095.00

Enhanced version of the very popular PAR200A includes new OLED display, IntelliAudio®, and enhanced Bluetooth® capability.

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2-Place Intercom for High Noise Environment (Experimental) PS Engineering Part #: 11960

The PM1200 is a two place panel mount intercom designed for the loudest of aircraft. Designed to be a direct replacement for PM1000II series, it provides unprecedented noise reduction capability.

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Audio Panel PS Engineering Part #: PMA-6000B
From $1,395.00

Available with or without Marker Beacon.
The PMA6000B is an excellent low cost audio panel alternative to the higher end systems that PS Engineering has become so famous for. With built-in monaural intercom and optional marker beacon receiver in a very modern looking package. Combines an audio selector panel with a top-quality manually adjusted VOX intercom and a slew of features to enhance versatility and utility.

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Audio Panel with Built-in Bluetooth PS Engineering Part #: 050-890-0303
From $1,895.00

The PMA8000C is a Plug 'N Play Audio Panel for the GMA340. No changes, additions, or modification to the existing installation. Fly with confidence behind an audio panel that will bring you more tools for your aviating. And get Bluetooth® connectivity as well.

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Dual Audio Panel PS Engineering Part #: 050-890-0x1x
From $7,695.00

Available in 14/28V or 5V backlighting, with or without marker, with or without CVR, and black or gray faceplate.
The PMA8000E Audio Panel is truly a ground breaking audio system designed specifically for aircraft that require independent audio control for the crew.

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4-place Intercom/Audio Panel PS Engineering Part #: 11942
From $1,195.00

The PMA4000 is a 4-place panel mounted intercom with added capability for switching two communications transceivers and navigation receivers, as well as providing a speaker amplifier. The intercom features PS Engineering's exclusive IntelliVox® with individual volume controls for both the pilot and copilot.

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Marker Beacon Receiver (TSO'd) PS Engineering Part #: 050-023-010X
From $1,295.00

Available in Panel Mount or Remote version.

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Audio Panel for Helicopter PS Engineering Part #: PMA-7000H
From $2,099.00

Also available in Enhanced CVR, and Bluetooth versions.
The PMA7000H is the latest addition to the PMA7000 family, designed specifically for helicopter and other applications where large seat count and high end functionality at a relatively low cost of acquisition are required.

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PAC45 System

All Digital Audio Control AMS Series Slide In Replacement (Helicopter) PS Engineering Part #: 050-045-x001
From $7,289.00

This all digital audio controller was the first audio controller for the special mission aircraft that provide MultiTalker®, True Dimensional Sound. This gives the pilot and crew the ability to listen to the radio that is important at any instant in time. Bluetooth® for phone and music standard.

Plug and Play with the AMS43

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PAC45A System

Second Generation Packs in More Capability with MultiTalker PS Engineering Part #: PAC45A
From $13,989.00

With two years of successful installations of the PAC45 throughout the world, the new PAC45A adds the capabilities for the more advanced cockpits. 8 Coms, 9 audio alerts, and both individual and master radio volume controls are just the few enhancements.

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PAC45D System

Dual Audio Control Panel with Single Control Head with MultiTalker PS Engineering Part #: PAC45D
From $8,389.00

Based on the PAC45, The PAC45D provides dual audio control capability in a single control head.

Plug and Play with the AMS42 and AMS44

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