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Introducing the ultimate general aviation audio panel, while remaining the easiest to use.

The most powerful addition is that of a second Bluetooth® module, providing once again, a first in the audio panel marketplace. Now you can Bluetooth music, phone, and wirelessly stream audio to digital video cameras.

With the proliferation of Bluetooth® enabled devices in the cockpit and the ways pilots are using them, it was time to take the next step in connectivity with the introduction of the PMA450B. More Bluetooth® capability than any other audio panel available today. When coupled with PS Engineering's innovative approach to audio control, this user friendly PMA450B gives more what the pilot wants from their audio panel, the central nervous system of their avionics suite.

This 3rd generation PMA450 has two completely independent Bluetooth® modules, giving unprecedented connectivity capabilities. The PMA450B has the ability to work like no other panel available. Stream to a digital video camera, hear Foreflight® alerts, make a phone call to ATC for your IFR clearance, you might even listen to your favorite tunes once in a while.


PMA450B also adds PS Engineering's flightmate. This integrated audio alert system gives the pilot the ability to hear alerts related to aircraft conditions. NOTE: Additional wiring is required to enable this capability when upgrading from either the PMA8000-series or Garmin GMA340 audio panels.


IntelliAudio gives the pilot the capability to pay attention to the radio that is important to their flight at any one instant in time. Consider Com 1 coming from the 10 o’clock position while Com 2 is coming from the 2 o’clock position, just like being at a cocktail party, you are able to pay attention to the person who is telling you something important while ignoring the other conversations that aren’t.

User Interface

The 3 Soft-key user interface is unprecedented for audio control panels. With more and more capability provided by their audio panels, PS Engineering found it necessary to make the access to these functions easier. If you can read English you’ll be able to get all of the capability from the PMA450B without ever having to open up the User’s Guide.

Plug 'n Play

This audio panel is plug ‘n play1 with Garmin's GMA340, which makes upgrading as easy as 1-2-3. The existing wire harness and tray that is installed for the GMA340 is complete and there is nothing to add or change. Get all of the new capabilities by simply removing and replacing. A simple log book entry is all that is required.

1Dimmer voltage must be 0-12 VDC or 0-24 VDC.

  • Two completely independent Bluetooth® audio devices
  • Music 1, Music 2, BT1, BT2 independence
  • flightmate® audio alert system
  • IntelliAudio® true dimensional sound
  • Count Down / Count Up Timer
  • Streaming output for video cameras
  • Simultaneous sources for ForeFlight® & Music
  • Enhanced Copilot as passenger configuration (CPX)
  • Radio Playback with visual context
  • Bluetooth® and hard-wired phone interface
  • Caller ID and device battery level
  • Receiver Monitor Mode
  • 15 watt USB-c charger
  • Independent music muting selection for pilot, copilot and passengers
  • Independent music volume controls for pilot, copilot and passengers
  • Alternate Intercom - crew friendly - mode
  • IntelliVox® automatic VOX
  • Plug 'N Play with GARMIN GMA340*
  • Much more! You'll just have to sell one and play with it.

PS Engineering, Inc is not affiliated in any way with GARMIN Ltd. GMA340 and GARMIN are trademarks of GARMIN Ltd.

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