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Featuring a bright full color display it offers numerous screens of new functionality previously unavailable anywhere. Vibration spectrum analysis, propeller balance, probe diagnosis and take-off performance monitoring are among the new features.

While the original lean screen is gone a vastly improved screen replaces it with special functionality for lean of peak operation. G3 logs data to readily available SD digital camera cards. A low cost card will store decades of flight data. The new G3 writes PC compatible files and directories so no special software is required to process or transfer data. Its extensive data log files include flight data from Insight’s TAS-1000 air data system and nav info from your GPS.

Despite its enormous capabilities the new G3 is a compact size and plug-compatible replacement for all previous GEMs. Insight offers a generous GEM trade-in to make upgrades easy. (**please call for upgrade pricing)

The original GEM was a solitary player. The new G3 will operate standalone too but will also interface with other data sources and report information to other instruments like MFD’s. All of the devices the G3 connects to today didn’t exist in ’79. The G3 is also designed to expand and grow with the times. Less than half of its true potential has been released at this time. The instrument can be updated to acquire new features by loading the SD card via the internet. The G3 update takes only a second while the instrument remains mounted in the airplane.

  • Bright bold LCD color display with many screens
  • 100 times the power of the previous generation
  • 100,000 times the data log space (never run out of space)
  • Engine vibration measurement and analysis
  • Specialized analysis for propeller balance, turbulence and even landing shock
  • Integrates, logs data from G3, TAS Air Data and GPS for the complete picture
  • SD Card stores all engine, air, winds aloft and fuel data (No more lost data)
  • Entire aircraft life history directly on SD card in PC compatible form
  • Specific functionality for safe Lean of Peak operation with no detonation
  • Oil Temperature and Pressure
  • Manifold Pressure, Fuel Flow and RPM
  • OAT
  • Carburetor and Alternator Temperature
  • Fully compatible with GEM 602, 603 and 610 Installations (Easy Upgrade)
  • Buss Voltage

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Prop 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.