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Satellite Phone-Tracking

Satellite Communicators and In-Flight Satellite Phone Systems

inReach Messenger

Satellite Communicator with Maps and Sensors Garmin Part #: 010-02672-00

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AeroWave X

Satellite Communications System BendixKing Part #: AEROWAVEX

Honeywell’s AeroWave X satellite communications system provides unparalleled in-flight internet experience for general aviation pilots and passengers.

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AeroWave 100

High-speed Inflight Internet Solution BendixKing Part #: AWAVE0x

Router sold separately.
Send and receive emails. Surf the web. Stay connected with your business while airborne. Check the weather, instant message, chat, and more, all while during flight. A simplified monthly pricing structure means you avoid surprise billing charges.

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Aerowave Router

Router for Bendix/King Aerowave 100 System BendixKing Part #: 89000015-00x

Available with Data Only or Voice & Data.
Router for use with the Bendix/King Aerowave 100 system.

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