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VIRB Elite Aviation Bundle and Aviator Action Pack

Garmin is excited to announce an aviation-specific addition to the VIRB Action Camera family. The standard VIRB Elite offers a unique 1.4 inch Chroma™ color display which makes setup and playback simple and ensures pilots capture the in-flight angle they desire. Using minimal power, VIRB Elite offers up to three hours of true HD (1080p) video on one charge. Digital stabilization and lens distortion correction ensures video footage is clear and vibrant. VIRB Elite can also capture high quality still photos even while the video camera is recording. The VIRB Elite incorporates all of these features along with built-in GPS, WiFi and ANT+™ connectivity for remote control functionality with a variety of other Garmin products. With this data you can conveniently embed track and flight data to display your GPS location, right on the video.


The VIRB Elite Aviation Bundle

VIRB Elite Aviation bundle combines a unique feature set that makes it easier than ever to capture life’s memories, both inside and outside of the cockpit. Included in the bundle is a Prop filter, which reduces the blur, created by a propeller in flight, as well as a stereo headset cable, perfect for capturing and synching cockpit audio with your HD video. A mix of mounting (with the addition of a suction mount) solutions will enable pilots to easily capture footage from a variety of places*. Also included in this package is a free six-month subscription to Garmin Pilot and a 16GB Class 10 high speed Micro SD card. All of the accessories a pilot wants are now available in one box for $549.

*Installation of the VIRB outside of the aircraft is subject to regulatory requirements and under certain circumstances may not be allowed. Please consult your authorized maintenance facility and appropriate aviation regulatory authority regarding permissible external installations.

The Aviator Action Pack

With Garmin's new Aviator Action Pack, customers can get VIRB Elite for Aviation and the D2 Pilot watch at a great price! Pilots can easily sync up to 10 cameras simultaneously, which can be remotely controlled to capture still photos and start/stop video from one central VIRB. Adding to the convenience, the D2 Pilot Watch and Garmin Pilot application can wirelessly connect to VIRB. Start and stop video and take photos all conveniently from D2; the seamless integration between these two new products is why we have combined the D2 and the VIRB Elite Aviation bundle into a single package. The Aviator Action Pack also provides customers an additional $100.00 in savings compared to separate purchases.

For the aspiring pilot and videographer, the Aviator Action Pack is the most comprehensive collection of Garmin equipment available. Existing VIRB action cameras are compatible with any of the aviation accessories and may be purchased separately. Both the Prop Filter and Headset Audio Cable are available for $49.99 each. Subscriptions to Garmin Pilot as well as additional mounting options are also available separately.