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Night Vision Goggle Capable COM and NAV Radios

Garmin is excited to announce the availability of Night Vision Goggle (NVG) capable COM and NAV radios. The GNC NAV/COM and GTR COM series of radios are now even better with the addition of new, NVG capable versions. This latest edition grows our list of NVG capable products which already includes NVG specific GTN series navigators as well as G500/G600/G500H flight displays.

The GTR COM and GNC NAV/COM radios have reinvented the stand-alone aviation radio with novel features like reverse database look-up and the COM monitor function. A unique frequency database makes it easy to find all the frequencies associated with a given airport or facility just by entering the location name or station ID. And when manually tuning a frequency, the reverse lookup function will automatically provide the navaid and/or airport identifier when GPS position information is wired into the GTR or GNC.

Pilots can also find the nearest airport, area control center, flight service station, weather frequencies and VORs. All models also include a COM monitor function, which provides the utility of two receivers in one. For example, this feature will allow the pilot to listen to transmissions like ATIS without leaving the active ATC frequency.

The GTR and GNC series automatically store the 20 most recently called frequencies. Plus, the radios allow for storage of up to 15 favorite frequencies such as the pilot’s home airport or other frequently visited destinations. All models also include a built-in, voice activated two-place intercom making it a great solution for a two seat aircraft without an audio panel. A built-in timer can assist with approaches, holds and other assigned maneuvers.
Part Number Description Price
010-00999-70 NVG Capable GNC255B, Standard $5,789.00
010-01027-70 NVG Capable GTR225B, Standard $4,239.00