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Introducing Aspen's NextGen products for ADS-B

Aspen is happy to introduce two new lines of NextGen products to meet the upcoming FAA ADS-B Out equipment mandate, and access the ADS-B subscription-free weather and traffic services. These product introductions include a new, certified NextGen product line and an expansion to the company’s existing Connected Panel™ wireless cockpit technology.

Connected Panel ADS-B Solutions

Aspen is expanding the Connected Panel product line with the addition of the Connected Weather CG50. The CG50 is a small Wi-Fi receiver that hard-wires into Evolution displays and allows pilots to simultaneously view subscription-free ADS-B weather on an Evolution PFD or MFD – and via an iPad from the same portable ADS-B receiver. The CG50 can be retrofitted on existing Aspen displays already in the field.

An upgrade to the Connected Pilot CG100, which allows users to display subscription-free weather from portable ADS-B receivers onto Evolution PFDs and MFDs, will also be available in 2013. Interfacing with portable ADS-B receivers is a new core Connected Pilot feature and this new functionality can be retrofitted to existing CG100 installations.


Certified ADS-B Solutions

Aspen is also happy to introduce three new ADS-B receivers and transceivers. These NextGen solutions display ADS-B weather and traffic on Evolution flight displays, meet the FAA ADS-B mandate and, depending on the model, are compatible with which ever transponder already resides in the panel.
  • The ARX100 dual-band ADS-B receiver targets aircraft that already have a Mode S transponder with Extended Squitter and an ADS-B compliant (WAAS-enabled) GPS installed.
  • The ATX200 dual-band in, 978MHz out ADS-B transceiver is designed for aircraft that have either a Mode A/C transponder or Mode S without Extended Squitter, and a WAAS-enabled GPS installed.
  • The ATX200G combines a dual-band in, 978 MHz out ADS-B transceiver and an ADS-B compliant GPS into one product, a perfect solution for aircraft with a legacy mode A/C transponder and without an ADS-B compatible GPS.

The first models in Aspen’s NextGen product line are expected to be available Q3 2013.

Each of these products meets the FAA ADS-B mandate and provides access to subscription-free ADS-B weather, traffic when paired with an Aspen Evolution PFD or MFD, and the appropriate transponder. 

For aircraft owners to determine which Aspen solution that best meets their needs, please contact one of our sales representitives.