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HeliSAS Stability Augmentation and Autopilot System

The HeliSAS Digital Autopilot employs an all-digital design that supports all conventional autopilot modes, as well as Cobham's unique Highway-In-The-Sky roll and pitch steering (when optionally coupled to Cobham's Synthetic Vision EFIS). Designed from the ground up for helicopters, the Cobham HeliSAS is a full-authority system based on a dual-processor, fail-passive architecture that can be fitted to any hydraulic-control helicopter. The HeliSAS dramatically reduces pilot workload for cross country or demanding special mission applications.

Greatly Reduces Pilot Work Load and Fatigue
Increased Safety of Operation
Force Feedback System
Parallel Design
“Spring Loaded” Operation
Designed to Always be ON

The HeliSAS system overcomes the two major barriers to autopilot use in helicopters: weight and price. The HeliSAS weighs less than twelve pounds and is projected at half the price of conventional helicopter autopilots.  The HeliSAS is the result of a NASA research program lead by flight control expert and helicopter test pilot Roger Hoh. The innovative design is a direct outgrowth of research conducted for the U.S. Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate using NASA simulators and the Canadian National Research Council variable stability Bell 205 helicopter.