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Dynon Moves to Complete the Panel

For a long time, Dynon's mission has been to "complete the panel" in experimental and light sport aviation. Dynon is proud to introduce new products and upgrades to SkyView that realizes this goal!

A Revolutionary Integrated SkyView Com Radio

Powerful, flexible, and designed to reduce the pilot's workload: The SV-COM-C25 will change the way pilots use their COM radio.

By integrating tightly with the SkyView system, the SV-COM-C25 allows pilots to tune frequencies by airport and station type - rather than by spinning in a number - at the touch of a button. Or, when using SkyView's mapping features, SkyView can send frequencies directly to the radio from its airport information pages. Dual concentric knobs let you spin in frequencies the old-fashioned way for when you're feeling nostalgic (or listening to ATC instructions). SkyView will identify the airport and station type as you tune to help ensure you're talking to the right radio station. 
The SV-COM-C25 consists of a dedicated control panel and a remote-mounted RF module: The control panels are only 3.53" x 1.80" x 1.27" deep and are available in horizontal and vertical versions. Two vertical control panels fit perfectly when mounted next to a 10" SkyView display, while two horizontal panels fit nicely under a 7" SkyView display. Although the SV-COM-C25 will continue to function even with the rest of SkyView turned off,
it does rely on SkyView for setup. Therefore, the SV-COM-C25 only works as part of a SkyView system.

Other features include dual watch, fully backlit and auto-dimming controls, one-touch flip-flop with remote trigger ability, transmit and receive indicators (with active/standby receive differentiation), and a stuck mic indicator with transmit time-out.
The SV-COM-C25 is expected to be available in June 2013. It comes in horizontal and vertical versions; 25 kHz spacing only; not TSO'd.

New Dynon Intercom

The SV-INTERCOM-2S offers audio panel fetures at half the price.

Dynon's new two-place, stereo intercom solves the problem of having to choose between an underfeatured intercom or an expensive audio panel. The SV-INTERCOM-2S has everything you need to connect EFIS systems, stereo music, and other technology in your panel.

The SV-INTERCOM-2S has ample inputs to handle the technology in modern instrument panels. These include: dual muting inputs (one stereo, for music), four non-muting inputs (one stereo for capable EFIS systems such as SkyView; the rest mono for radios and other avionics), dual stereo headset connections, and dual radio outputs. 
Although the SV-INTERCOM-2S was designed to integrate well with Dynon SkyView, it can be installed in ANY experimental or light sport aircraft, even those without other Dynon products in the panel.
Selectable Auto Mute automatically turns down the music when a radio or other non-muting input (such as an EFIS alert) receives audio. A single knob press toggles whether or not intercom speech mutes music as well. To minimize background noise, the SV-INTERCOM-2S has independent intercom voice activation, so talking on one headset won't open up squelch on the other. Radio broadcasts are isolated so only the person pressing their PTT is heard over the air, with the pilot's transmission receiving priority when both PTTs are pressed. A failsafe connection between the primary radio and the pilot's headset allow radio transmissions in all conditions.
The SV-INTERCOM-2S is expected to be available in June 2013. Horizontal and Vertical faceplates are included, as are headset jacks; not TSO'd.