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All-Garmin Avionics Solution for CJ2 Now Available

Garmin is pleased to announce the availability of several STC approvals that provide an all-Garmin avionics solution for the Cessna Citation CJ2. Updates to the TXi, GTN Xi, GI 275 and GFC 600 AML STCs have been completed, which include the approval of the Citation CJ2 (serial numbers 525A0001-525A0299).

Garmin’s industry-leading avionics solutions fully replace the legacy flight deck, modernizing the airplane and reducing pilot workload by bringing new capabilities and safety-enhancing technologies. The all-Garmin retrofit includes TXi flight displays, TXi Engine Indication System (EIS), GTN Xi navigators, GI 275 standby displays, GFC 600 digital autopilot, and several more optional upgrades.

TXi, GTN Xi, and GI 275 software updates

Along with supporting installation approvals in the CJ2, the newest STC software updates for the TXi, GTN Xi, and GI 275 include many new and useful features, specifically for turbine operators. A summary of available features are as follows, and complete details can be found here.

  • Added alerting for stabilized approach, as well as low speed warnings and approach speed cue indications.
  • Added coordinated alerts for terrain and traffic across TXi, GTN Xi, and GI 275 displays.
  • Added support for GI 275 to be used as a Connext access point to transfer flight plans between GTN Xi and Garmin Pilot.
  • Added support for TAWS-B and TAWS-A enablements to be shared between dual GTN Xi units.
  • Added support for two (2) ADF and DME interfaces simultaneously for TXi (requires GAD 43e).
  • Added support for twin engine turbofan EIS, along with dynamic minimum and maximum gauge ranges for EIS.
  • Added jet-oriented speed reference indications and controls, as well as aural callouts for V1, Vr, and V2.
  • Added engine cycle tracking for Williams FJ44 engines.
  • Added automatic TXi reversion to the GI 275 ADC/AHRS.

Turbine EIS Display

The TXi EIS is certified to replace the legacy EIS solution and features a newly refined gauge layout and user interface with the most recent software update*. EIS-generated or user-selected N1 targets for takeoff, go-around and max continuous thrust settings are integrated and displayed on TXi EIS. N1 reference bugs, which can take into account engine and anti-ice status, as well as outside air temperature and altitude, are computed automatically and integrated into the TXi EIS display. Pilot-defined N1 reference bugs are also available in the system. Additionally, CJ2 pilots can take advantage of integrated timers on the TXi EIS display, helping pilots respect transient engine limitations during the engine start.

GFC 600 Updates

The GFC 600 provides crisp, precise response and optimum performance over the entire airspeed envelope of your aircraft. The GFC 600 system is digitally controlled, using solid-state attitude and air data sensor reference — giving you ultra-smooth roundouts, intercepts and more while also enhancing autopilot system reliability. Along with incorporating the CJ2 into the STC, the recent updates also include a new mode controller, the GMC 605C. The GMC 605C offers a new color with mode annunciations similar to Garmin flight displays. Ideal for the CJ2, the GMC 605C also features Flight Level Change (FLC) mode and is available in gray to match the rest of the cockpit.

Optional Features

The GWX 8000 StormOptix weather radar simplifies operations and brings peace of mind to single-pilot and crewed aircraft while operating in and near complex weather. Auto Mode lets pilots simply set the range, and the radar automatically adjusts tilt and gain settings to accurately profile weather cells, so pilots can analyze returns from hazardous storm cell activity. The system displays the weather with 16 colors while also showcasing hail and lightning prediction, turbulence detection and advanced ground clutter suppression. The weather radar integrates with TXi flight displays and GTN 750Xi navigators to display radar returns. The new display grouping feature lets pilots operating in the crewed environment look at individual tilts and returns on their side of the cockpit when in manual mode. The GWX 8000 weather radar upgrade is offered as an option, and for more details, visit: www.sarasotaavionics.com/avionics/gwx8000-stormoptix.

Using a 4G LTE cellular or Wi-Fi® connection provided by the optional GDL® 60 datalink, the PlaneSync connected aircraft management system can help simplify the complexities of owning and operating the CJ2. PlaneSync automatically downloads avionics database updates1 and leverages high-speed integration amongst the avionics to quickly synchronize updates across the displays. The system can operate with a dedicated battery so that operators don’t need to be present and conduct time-consuming manual updates via data card. PlaneSync can also allow pilots to remotely check fuel quantity, database status, GPS location, temperatures and more via the Garmin Pilot™ app2 to help avoid surprises when they arrive at the aircraft3. With added capability expected in 2025, PlaneSync can also automatically transmit flight and engine log data to secure cloud storage after landing.

Pricing and Availability

All Garmin part numbers for the CJ2 upgrade are available for order today. Service bulletins and other information are available here. There is no additional fee for use of the Garmin-owned STCs for CJ2 installations. CJ2 avionics upgrades require concurrent installation of G600 TXi (dual GDU 1060 PFD/MFD and single GDU 700P EIS), GFC 600, dual GTN 750 Xi and a standby GI 275. Garmin plans to pursue a similar avionics upgrade program for the Cessna Citation CJ1 and will provide additional details for that program at a future date. To learn more, visit www.Garmin.com/CJ2.

*Garmin TXi EIS-equipped turboprop aircraft are not currently eligible to upgrade to TXi v3.61. A software update and STC approval offering compatibility for turboprop aircraft equipped with Garmin TXi EIS is expected in the second half of this year. Software v3.61 is required for GWX 8000 compatibility with TXi. Affected aircraft can utilize GTN 750Xi or GTN 725Xi to display the GWX 8000 weather radar while this approval is pending. Weather radar display will need to be disabled on TXi if a GWX 8000 upgrade is made prior to availability and approval of the updated software.

1 Active PlaneSync and database subscriptions required for automatic database updates. Active PlaneSync subscription plan required for flight log uploading. Features are available on-ground only and requires GDL 60 to have active LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity; signal strength and other factors may apply. See Garmin.com/PlaneSyncCoverage for LTE coverage details.

2 Remote aircraft status requires active PlaneSync subscription. User’s smart device must have internet connectivity. Feature is available on-ground only and requires GDL 60 to have LTE connectivity; signal strength and other factors may apply. See Garmin.com/PlaneSyncCoverage for coverage details.

3 Features are available on-ground only and are not a substitute for pre-flight checks.