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TE Connectivity

Potter & Brumfield circuit breakers from TE Connectivity.

W31 Series

Circuit Breaker, Toggle TE Connectivity Part #: W31-X2M1G-x
From $31.46

The W31 series are single pole, thermal circuit breakers with toggle actuator and series trip function. They are UL 1077 Recognized as Supplementary Protectors. File E69543, and CSA Accepted as Supplementary Protectors (Appliance Component Protectors), File LR15734.

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W58 Series

Circuit Breaker, Push Actuator TE Connectivity Part #: W58-XC4C12A-x
From $8.96

The W58 series are secondary panel-mount thermal circuit breakers with a push to reset actuator and series trip function. The thermal type breakers have an interrupt capacity of 2000 amps at 50 VDC and 1000 amps at 250 VAC. The button color has white with black rate marking with a red trip band.

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