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MultiLink Surveillance System (Panel-mount) L-3 Harris Part #: NGT9000
From $9,389.00

The Lynx NGT-9000 series provide 1090ES (Mode S Extended Squitter) ADS-B Out as well as 1090Mhz and 978Mhz (UAT) ADS-B In. This provides ADS-B traffic (ADS-B, ADS-R and TIS-B) and FIS-B input.

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MultiLink Surveillance System (Remote Mount) L-3 Harris Part #: NGT9000R
From $9,389.00

L-3’s Lynx NGT-9000R Remote model is designed for use with newer integrated glass cockpits and displays ADS-B traffic and weather on panel-mounted avionics that use the popular ARINC 429, RS-232 or RS-422 protocols. It is a Mode S transponder providing 1090ES (Mode S Extended Squitter) ADS-B Out as well as 1090 MHz and 978 MHz (UAT) ADS-B In.

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PIM-9000 WiFi Interface Module

WiFi Option for L-3 Lynx System L-3 Harris Part #: 9230-17005-01
From $289.00

For use with the L3 NGT9000 system.

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Control Panel for Lynx L-3 Harris Part #: 9080-17250-x2

Available with 2-1/4" or 3-1/8" bezel.
The CP-2500 control panel is available for discrete control of the NGT-1000/2000/2500 models when paired with a non-compatible transponder.

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Teardrop Directional Antenna L-3 Harris Part #: S72-1746

Directional Antenna for the L-3 NextGen Active Traffic enablement.

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ATAS Enablement

ADS-B Traffic Alerting System (NGT9000 Lynx Option) L-3 Harris Part #: 0035-17004-01

ATAS is a more refined alerting technolgy that is more predictive (35 seconds prior to CPA) than older alerting systems. ATAS continues working below 500’ where traffic conflicts most often occur. When ATAS and Active TAS are combined, traffic alerting is based on using the best information first. The Lynx ATAS option announces the range, bearing and relative altitude of intruder aircraft and issues warnings such as “Traffic, traffic, seven o’clock high, two miles.”

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TCAS I for NGT9000

TCAS 1 for L-3 Lynx NGT9000 L-3 Harris Part #: 0035-17006-01

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TAS for NGT9000

TAS App for L-3 Lynx NGT9000 L-3 Harris Part #: 0035-17001-01

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NGT9000 Diversity App

Diversity App for Lynx NGT9000 L-3 Harris Part #: 0035-17002-01

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eTAWS Option

embedded Terrain Awareness Warning System L-3 Harris Part #: 0035-17005-01

The Lynx Class B eTAWS option brings terrain alerting through both graphic and aural warnings. The Lynx eTAWS option is embedded into the display unit, eliminating the need for extra boxes.

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Lynx Enablement L-3 Harris Part #: 0035-17010-01

The L-3 Lynx TerrainVision enablement offers helicopter and fixed-wing operators accurate terrain depictions and color coded display for greater ground proximity situational awareness. While not a certified TAWS application, the same database integrity and color coding protocol is shared with the Lynx TSO authorized TAWS. The TerrainVision enablement is for panel-mounted NGT-9000 models and can be activated at any time without modification to the Lynx system hardware.

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