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EDM-900 Primary

Color Engine Management System JP Instruments Part #: EDM900
From $3,899.00

If you are redoing your panel, consider a primary JPI EDM. With the 900 on board, you can remove many of your old engine gauges, open up valuable space in your panel, and fly with peace of mind knowing the JPI will alert you instantly if any of the parameters exceeds the programmed limit.

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EDM-900 Experimental

Color Engine Management System JP Instruments Part #: EDM900-EXP
From $3,049.00

The EDM-900 has a built-in EDM-800 plus many other gauges in combination together.  The reliability and ingenuity of many JPI products are bundled together in one spectacular "all-in-one" instrument.

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EDM-930 Primary

Engine Data Management JP Instruments Part #: EDM930
From $5,449.00

If you are looking for a larger, Primary engine gauge replacement, the TSO’d EDM 930 (3.3″ deep -5.584″ wide – 5.11″ high) will flush mount into your panel. With a large sunlight readable, LCD display, JPI’s flagship monitor offers almost unlimited options and configurations. 7 or 9 cylinder, no problem for all JPI products, and their fast response grounded EGT probes and copper tipped CHT probes are by far the highest quality hardware available.

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Fuel Pressure

Fuel Pressure Option for EDM900/930 JP Instruments Part #: 900-FP
From $269.00

Optional Fuel Pressure for EDM900/930. Available for Turbo or Non-Turbo.

NOTE: This price only applies when the fuel pressure option is ordered in conjunction with an engine monitor. Please call or email for pricing when ordered separately.

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Flush Mount Kit

Flush Mount Option for EDM900 JP Instruments Part #: 601444-A

Optional Flush Mount for EDM900.

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Amps2 Option for EDM900 JP Instruments Part #: AMPS2

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Fuel Flow Differential Module JP Instruments Part #: FFDM

Fuel Flow Differential Module with FloScan transducer for Pressure Carb

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