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AvMap Navigation

AvMap's EKP (electronic kneepad) is one of the most successful flight navigation systems sold worldwide.


Portable Glass Cockpit System | GPS, EFB, PFD AvMap Navigation Part #: P1MK370AAM

Designed for light-sport, ultralight & experimental aircraft, the AvMap EKP V redefines the role of GPS inside the cockpit. The EKP V can be both a cockpit-installed instrument and a portable device. The bright 7-inch LCD is multifunctional and capable of displaying several data sources useful for flight.

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Ultra EFIS

Standalone Electronic Flight Instrument System w/3.5" Display AvMap Navigation Part #: UX0EFS51AM

The AvMap Ultra EFIS is a stand-alone unit with a 3.5" ultra bright LCD display. The device contains solid-state gyros, accelerometers, magnetic field sensors, air data sensors and UAV Navigation motion processor that make it the most compact, reliable and complete EFIS of its type.

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Standalone Engine Monitoring System AvMap Navigation Part #: UX0EMS00AM

The AvMap EngiBOX is a stand-alone Engine Monitoring System, displaying EGT, CHT / Coolant Temp, Oil / Air Temp, Oil pressure, RPM, MAP.

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EKP V Cockpit Docking Station

Power Supply, USB, External GPS AvMap Navigation Part #: UX0DS100AM

The Cockpit Docking station allows the EKP V to be mounted directly to the panel which enables the navigator to interface with multiple external devices at the same time. It mechanically hosts the EKP V creating a hub of all electrical connections. With four simultaneous USB connections plus two serial connections, users can easily customize the system and connect any desired additional instruments.

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A2 ADAHRS Module

A2 ADAHRS Module AvMap Navigation Part #: UX0IM000AM

The AvMap A2 ADAHRS module is packed with solid-state 3-axis gyro, accelerometer, magnetic field sensor and air data sensors. The added A2 ADAHRS module extends the functionality of the EKP V and turns it into AvMap EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System), a centralized display for both navigation and primary flight information.

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