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Headset Accessories

Headset Accessories

Crystal Mic Pro

Aviation Microphone for Noise Canceling Headphones OSEI Part #: CM-XA/S

Transform your headphones into an aviation headset with the Crystal Mic Pro!

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Headset Adapter, to Dual GA plugs

Headset Adapter Raytalk Part #: CB-02/06/10

These adapters convert your 6-pin lemo, U-174 helicopter, or Airbus headset, to dual GA plugs (mic and phone jacks).

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Headset Adapter, to 6-pin Lemo

Headset Adapter Raytalk Part #: CB-08/09

These adapters convert a dual GA or U-174 helicopter plug headset to a 6-pin Lemo connector.

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Headset Adapter, to Helicopter

Headset Adapter Raytalk Part #: CB-01/03/05

These adapters convert your dual GA, 6-pin lemo or Airbus headset to a U-174 helicopter plug.

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Headset Adapter, to Airbus

Headset Adapter Raytalk Part #: CB-04/07

These adapters convert a dual GA or 6-pin Lemo plug headset to the Airbus connector.

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A20 6-pin to Dual-plugs GA Adapter

Adapter Cable for Bose A20 Aviation Headset Bose Part #: 327080-0010

Converts your 6-pin connector to a dual GA plug for additional connection flexibility. Adapter measures 21.5" (54.61 cm).

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A20 6-pin to U-174 Plug Adapter

Adapter Cable for Bose A20 Aviation Headset Bose Part #: 327080-0020

Converts your Bose A20 Aviation Headset with 6-pin connector to a U-174 for use in a standard helicopter jack. Adapter is approximately 12".

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Headset Cable Extension

Headset Cable Extension Raytalk Part #: CB-11/12/17
From $25.99

Available for dual GA, 6-pin Lemo, or Helicopter.

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Portable PTT

Portable Push-to-Talk Raytalk Part #: CB-13

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Replacement Headset Cable

Replacement Headset Cable Raytalk Part #: CB-14/15/16

Available in dual GA, Helicopter (coil-cord), or XLR female to 6.3mm connector.

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Double Thick Silicone Gel Ear Seals

Ear Seals Faro Part #: RFAR600

Pair of Faro Silicone Gel Ear Seals. Compatible with most other aviation headsets including David Clark. Double-Thick Silicone Gel Ear Seal provides high noise reduction while sitting comfortable around the ears.

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GA to Helicopter Headset Adapter

Headset Adapter Faro Part #: RFAR610

Converts General Aviation Dual-plugs into a single helicopter standard plug (U-174/U, U-93A/U or equivalent). Required for Faro G2 Aviation Headset if used in Helicopter.

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Double Headset Y Adapter

Headset Adapter Faro Part #: RFAR615

This heavy duty adapter converts A/C radio headset jacks (.026" and .25") to two and it can be used with any general aviation headset using PJ-068 and PJ-055B or equivalent plugs. Excellent for adding an additional headset position to the aircraft without the high cost of installing additional panel jacks or purchasing a new intercom system.

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Low to High Impedance Adapter

Headset Adapter Faro Part #: RFAR620

This product is designed to convert your Military Headset to General Aviation Standard. By using this adapter you can save large costs associated with purchasing an additional headset for your General Aviation aircraft. Use your military headset in General Aviation aircrafts of all types with this convenient cable.

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High to Low Impedance Adapter

Headset Adapter Faro Part #: RFAR625

Converts a high impedance general aviation headset with a single U-174/U plug to be used in a low impedance military aircraft. Battery powered by a single 9V battery.

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Premium Luxury Headset Bag

Headset Carrying Case (Black) Faro Part #: OFAR100-BLK

Protect your investment with this premium luxury headset bag.

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GA to U-174 Plug

Headset Adapter Cable Sigtronics Part #: 900050

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U-174 to GA Plugs

Headset Adapter Cable Sigtronics Part #: 900051

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Ear Seals

Performance Ear Seals for Zulu Series/Sierra/Tango/PFX (pair) Lightspeed Part #: A490

One pair of ear seals for use with the following:

  • Zulu Series
  • Sierra
  • Tango
  • PFX

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Head Pad

Replacement Head Pad for Lightspeed Headsets Lightspeed Part #: A4xx

Available for the Lightspeed Zulu, PFX, Sierra and Tango.

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