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Aircraft clocks from Davtron, Electronics International, Falcon Gauge, and Mid-Continent Instruments.


Digital Super Clock Instrument Electronics International Part #: SC-5

  • Primary Replacement (Clock)
  • 2 1/4″ Flush Mount
  • Full Functional, Panel-Mounted Aircraft Clock

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Altitude Alert/Super Clock Instrument Electronics International Part #: ASC-5A

The ASC-5A is a fully functional, panel mounted aircraft clock.

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Digital Clock Davtron Part #: 800
From $215.00

Available in 14 and 28V versions, with optional Keep Alive Battery and/or Night Vision Lighting.
Davtron's clocks and multi-functional chronometers are designed to work under the most stringent operating conditions. All of Davtron's new clocks are a two button design that make the pilot's job easier. These clocks display universal time, local time, and elasped time.

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Digital Clock w/LCD Display (Chronometer/OAT/Volts) Davtron Part #: 803
From $469.00

Available in 14 and 28V versions, with optional Night Vision Lighting.
The M803 provides universal, local, flight and elapsed time w/display annunciators for all. It also provides OAT (ºC & ºF) and volt readout. Flight time is recorded in hours and minutes, and it has an alarm with an external output provided for flight and elapsed time.

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Digital Clock Davtron Part #: 811B

Available in 12 or 24 hour versions.
Digital clock, flight time recorder, and elapsed time meter.

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Digital Clock Davtron Part #: 850
From $485.00

Available in 14 or 28 volts, with optional Night Vision lighting.

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Chronometer Davtron Part #: 877

Available in 14 or 28 volts.

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Clock (Electric, Quartz analog) Mid-Continent Instr & Avionics Part #: MD-90
From $345.00

Available Lighted or Unlighted.

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