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5 Function Indicator Davtron Part #: 655-x
From $305.00

Davtron’s Model 655 is a computer-based product that computes density altitude automatically. No longer does the pilot need to retrieve outside air temperature and pressure altitude, then enter this into a flight computer.

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Volt Amp Meter Davtron Part #: 475VA
From $299.00

Available in 14 or 28 volts, with optional Night Vision lighting.
The M475VA was designed for low current drain and for standby and emergency battery packs. Shunt is built in.

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Volt Amp Meter Davtron Part #: 475VAA
From $325.00

Available in 14 or 28 volts, with optional Night Vision lighting.
The M475VAA has dual shunts and can read voltage and two current flows. Ideal for measuring alternator output and charge and discharge current of the battery. Can also read two separate load currents. The standard unit is Volts/Battery Amps/Alternator Amps.

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Voltmeter/Ammeter Electronics International Part #: VA-1A
From $409.00

  • Primary Replacement
  • 2 1/4″ Flush Mount
  • Precision Volts And Amps With Built-In Alarms.

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Digital Voltmeter Davtron Part #: 450
From $169.00

Available in Amber, Green or White, with optional Remote Sensing.
Davtron’s Model 450 voltmeter is a small, lightweight instrument that monitors the voltage of your aircraft precisely. The pilot can more accurately know the amount of capacity remaining in the battery when there is a low voltage condition. Also of great importance is the voltage at which the battery is being charged.

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15-200 Series

Electronic Dual Ammeter/Voltmeter (2-1/4", Non-TSO'd) UMA Instruments Part #: 15-200

90° Sweep.  Available ranges: 0-30, 0-60, 0-80, 0-100, 0-150.

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14-260 Series

Electronic Volt Meter (2-1/4", Non-TSO'd) UMA Instruments Part #: 14-260

Dial Markings: Black & White.  Air-core (270° Sweep).  Available in 9-17 Volts or 20-32 Volts.

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