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The benefits of flying with an Electronics International Engine Analyzer are extensive. E. I. has been manufacturing Analyzers which are relied upon by thousands of pilots around the world since 1980. The Ultimate Bar Graph Engine Analyzer (model UBG-16) is the most sophisticated instrument in our arsenal. Its unique features were designed to provide you with the ultimate tool for detecting engine problems in their earliest stages and assisting you in operating your engine safely and economically.

32 Pilot Programmable Limits: The UBG-16 incorporates a Pilot Programmable High and Low Alarm for each of its 16 channels. Every engine and every cylinder on an engine operates at a different temperature. The UBG-16's 32 limits allow you to set a high and low alarm for each cylinder in accordance with that cylinder's normal operating temperatures. If any cylinder's temperature drifts outside its normal operating range, you'll get an alarm before the problem can cause excessive heat, stress or wear on your engine. These 32 pilot programmable limits provide the ultimate in early problem detection. An external warning light and voice are available.

Normalized Mode with Memory: Because an engine's EGTs are all different, it can be difficult to spot a change in temperature in a single cylinder. In the Normalized Mode, all the EGT columns may be set to the same level. The offsets for each cylinder are stored in long term memory (20+ years). With the columns normalized to the same height, it is easy to spot a problem (one column will be higher or lower than all the others). If any cylinder's temperatures change in the next week, month or year, you'll see it. This is a powerful diagnostic tool not found on other units!

Lean Mode with True Peak Detect: The UBG-16 incorporates the most advanced leaning features in general aviation. As you lean your engine, one cylinder's EGT will reach its hottest temperature (peak) before all the others. Any further leaning will cause that cylinder's EGT to decrease. When this happens, the UBG-16 will blink "PEAK" in the digital display and show the hottest temperature reached (example "PEAK 1436"). If for any reason an EGT dips during leaning (a common occurrence), this will be a false peak. If you continue to lean (a small amount) and the EGT increases past the false peak, the UBG-16 will switch back to the Lean Mode and show "LEAN" in the digital display (example: "LEAN 1437"). Handling false peaks is not a problem for the UBG-16 as it can be with other units on the market.

Another powerful leaning feature of the UBG-16 is its ability to display the temperature below peak EGT (example: "PEAK -25"). This allows you to accurately set your mixture to achieve a specific EGT on the rich, Using the UBG-16 for Rich of Peak Operation, or lean side of peak, Using the UBG-16 for Lean of Peak Operation. This unique feature is NOT available on other bargraphs!

If you choose to operate your engine on the lean side of peak, the UBG-16 will blink the number over each column as that cylinder reaches peak EGT. At a glance you'll know where your engine is operating from the first cylinder to reach peak to the last. Read more about using the UBG-16 on the lean side of peak in: Using the UBG-16 for Lean of Peak Operation.

  • All Programming Done from the Front Panel
  • 16 Programmable High Alarms
  • 16 Programmable Low Alarms
  • Programmable EGT Differential Alarm
  • Programmable Shock Cooling Alarm
  • Programmable Range for Bars
  • Programmable Scan Rate
  • Last Column of Bars may be set for EGT, TIT or Oil Temp
  • RS232 (5V) Output for Data Logging
  • Stable 1 Degree Resolution
  • NEW* 1.5" Deep with Remote Head Option
  • True Peak Detect (eliminates false peak detection)
  • Find First and Last Cylinder to Peak
  • Indicates as Each Cylinder reaches Peak EGT
  • Stores Last Peak Reading and Channel in Memory
  • Displays Temperature Below Peak for Accurate Leaning
  • Fuel/Air Mixture Profiling
  • Normalized Mode with Long Term Memory for Easy Problem Detection and Trend Analysis

  • 16 Input Channels: Besides EGT and CHT, the UBG-16 is capable of accepting inputs from TIT, OAT, Carb Temp, any other temperature, Manifold Pressure, RPM, Volts, Amps, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, and Gyro Vacuum Pressure.
  • 34 Programmable Limits: 16 Programmable Upper Limits - One for each Input Channel, 16 Programmable Lower Limits - One for each Input Channel, Programmable EGT Differential Limit, Programmable CHT Shock Cooling Limit.
  • Scan Rate: Programmable from 1 to 9 Seconds per Channel
  • Dimensions: Instrument: 2.65” x 2.65” x 6” Deep, 2 1/4” Flush Mount
  • Weight (4-cylinder package): 3.65 pounds (package components total weight)
  • Weight (6-cylinder package): 4.15 pounds (package components total weight)
  • Resolution: 1 Degree (Fahrenheit)
  • Accuracy: 1/2%
  • Display: Plasma, adjustable dimness for night operations
  • Power Requirements: 7.5 to 35 Volts; Typical: 0.5 amps @ 12 Volts

Hardware Included

  • UBG-16 and Wire Harness
  • MUX-8A Data Recorder and Wire Harness
  • 4 or 6 P-110 EGT Probes
  • 4 or 6 P-100 CHT Probes
  • 6' Thermal Couple Cables
  • 1 ea. AL-1 Red Warning Light
  • 1 ea. CP-1 Intensity Control Pot
  • Panel Drilling Template (for switch holes)

Paperwork Included

  • Operating & Installation Instructions
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Pilots Diagnostics Manual

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Prop 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.