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Flying in busy skies, or in remote areas means that many pilots want to exploit the visibility and safety that ADS-B provides. ADS-B In traffic receivers, used in general aviation today, allow a pilot to view ADS-B Out equipped aircraft on a cockpit display.

However, most traffic receivers will only display aircraft traffic that generate a non-zero quality indicator, (also referred to as SIL 1). In contrast a zero quality indicator (referred to as SIL 0) ADS-B Out, is ignored and not displayed on a traffic display – rendering an aircraft invisible.

Using lower grade SIL 0 equipment your aircraft will be hidden from view. But you don’t have to compromise your electronic visibility when you fly with Trig. A TN72 will be visible across all ADS-B In traffic platforms. By installing a TN72 with your Trig transponder you will have a certified collision avoidance safety benefit – that’s easy to install and proven to work with Trig transponders.

In all non mandatory airspace, or where equipage is voluntary, the TN72 is an attractive and practical ADS-B position source. It meets the FAA’s TSO-C199 certification standard for a Traffic Awareness Beacon System, known as TABS for short. Trig’s TN72 supports current and future air to air collision avoidance and situational awareness applications. This enhanced visibility can be useful for tracking club aircraft in real time, improving safety in the circuit and reducing the risk of air-to-air collision.

In countries where ADS-B airspace is mandated, operation in 2020 airspace usually requires full compliance with TSO-C145 GPS technology, Trig's TN70. It’s worth knowing that in the U.S. to receive a full traffic service from ADS-B ground stations, aircraft must be ADS-B Out equipped. The TN72 is well suited to glider pilots, with a Trig transponder a full traffic service will be triggered (an ADS-B traffic receiver is required). Powered pilots can also use the TN72 as a highly cost effective way to trigger traffic information outside of 2020 airspace.

  • Interfaces with Trig transponder to provide ADS-B Out
  • GPS receiver – certified to TSO-C199
  • Enhances visibility and safety
  • Collision avoidance (uses non zero quality indicators)
  • Enables live tracking of aircraft
  • Triggers traffic information services (TIS-B only available in U.S.)
  • Low cost and light weight
  • Global Trig warranty

  • Weight: 3.8 oz
  • Dimensions: 1.2" x 3.6" x 2.5"
  • Supply voltage: 11–33 V
  • Typical Current Consumption: at 14V – 0.1A
  • Operating Temperature: -40˚C to +70˚C
  • Connector: GPS - 9 way D type, Antenna - 5V phantom power - QMA male
  • Interface Protocol: NMEA
  • Cooling Region: no fan required
  • Certification: TSO-C199 Class B
  • Compliance: C112e, C166b, DO-160G

The TN72 kit has an install kit and manual included, but it does NOT come with an antenna. It is compatible with any GPS antenna approved to ETSO C190 or C114a. Where a non-TSO'd antenna is used, the antenna must include an integral amplifier with gain of not less than 20dB. The recommended antennas are the Trig TA50 or TA70. RG400 or RG142 is the recommended antenna cable.


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