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The industry's best-selling integrated TAWS for corporate, regional and air transport markets, the Sandel ST3400 is an integrated panel-mount system that outperforms cumbersome remote-mount TAWS systems that weigh and cost far more. A 3-ATI-size system that features a TAWS database, processor and oversized, high-resolution color display in a single unit, the ST3400 meets TSO C151b for both Class A and Class B requirements. Also incorporating RMI functionality, the ST3400 serves as a drop-in replacement for conventional RMI units, displaying terrain maps, topographic maps, navigation waypoint maps and TCAS data.

Exclusive to the ST3400 is the implementation of the Virtual Approach PathTM (VAP). Internally the ST3400 contains a synthetic glideslope to all runways based on FAA TERPS (terminal procedures). If the airplane is in a position to land and has FAA terrain clearances, the system is guaranteed not to alert - a very smart suppression method. This is something no other system does.

  • Drop-in, 3-ATI form factor
  • Easy and inexpensive to install
  • Costs up to 50% less than other TAWS
  • No "happy boxes" required
  • Works with digital and analog avionics
  • A wide variety of FMS/GPS interfaces
  • TCAS I display option
  • Complete FAA TAWS compliance
  • Meets Class A TAWS requirements for airlines and Part 135 operations
  • Meets Class B TAWS requirements for Part 91 operations
  • Full-time terrain display
  • Runway and waypoint overlay
  • Integrated TAWS computer and flat-panel display
  • RMI display
  • Highly reliable


  • 90130-PG - Pilot’s Guide
  • 84014-B - Configuration Module
  • 90130-ADB-WW - Airport Database (Worldwide for General Aviation)
  • 90130-ADB121-WW - Airport Database (Worldwide for Airline/Air Cargo/Military)
  • 90130-TDB-XX - Terrain/Obstacle Database for General Aviation (Specify region: N. America, S. America, Africa, Europe, or Asia/Pacific)
  • 90130-TDB121-XX - Terrain/Obstacle Database for Airline/Air Cargo/Military (Specify region: N. America, S. America, Africa, Europe, or Asia/Pacific)
  • 88114 - USB Upload cable
Not Included:
  • 90130-IK - Installation Kit w/ installation manual
  • 90130-TFC - TCAS/TAS Traffic Display Option
  • 90130-TDB-WW - General Aviation Worldwide Airport/Terrain/Obstacle Database
  • 90130-TDB121-WW - Airline/Air Cargo/Military Worldwide Airport/Terrain/Obstacle Database

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