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When panel space is at a premium, the compact SL30 nav/comm transceiver and SL 40 comm fit a lot of capability in a surprisingly small package.

Save Space, Reduce Workload

SL30 packs a 760-channel VHF comm transceiver and 200-channel VOR/LOC/GS nav receiver with DME display into one small space. Besides traditional nav/comm features, SL30 also incorporates workload-reducing functions such as automatic decoding of the Morse code station identifier for VOR/LOC/ILS, most-used frequency storage in unit memory, built-in course deviation indicator and more.

Get Two for the Price of One

SL30 is the only panel-mount nav/comm with a standby frequency monitoring feature providing the capability of two nav/comms in one. With the primary VOR/LOC frequency providing guidance to your HIS or CDI, the standby frequency can be tuned to a second VOR to display the current radial on which your aircraft is flying. This allows you to cross check position fixes with just one receiver.

SL30: Think slim.

  • 200-channel Nav with solid-state DSP technology
  • VOR/Localizer and Glideslope receivers
  • Built-in VOR/Localizer converter
  • VOR receiver displays to/from and radial
  • Digitally decoded OBS setting
  • Sunlight-readable full-alphanumeric display
  • User-selectable back course approach mode that provides "chase the needle" operation
  • Automatic display of station ID by decoding Morse code
  • Interfaces to most CDI (w/resolver), HSI, and autopilot systems
  • Accepts 10 to 40 Vdc input
  • 760 communications channels
  • Frequency range 118 to 136.975 MHz
  • Active and standby flip/flop frequencies
  • Volume control
  • Tunes to National Weather Service Broadcasts
  • Transmit status indicator
  • Automatic display intensity control
  • 2X8 frequency memory and recall
  • Stores/Recalls 8 user defined frequencies
  • Stores/Recalls previous 8 frequencies used
  • Frequency monitor function (listens to standby while monitoring active)
  • Dedicated emergency channel selector
  • Squelch test function
  • Stuck Mic time-out
  • 12-watt audio amplifier
  • Includes two-place VOX intercom.

  • Dimensions: 1.3"H x 6.25" W x 10.5" D
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Depth: 11.452 inches (29.09cm) behind panel, including mounting frame and connectors.
  • Certified TSO: C34e, C36e, C40c
  • JTSO

  • SL30 nav/comm, unit only

*Note that the installation kit is not included.

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