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Dynon Avionics Wifi Adapter for Skyview

Dynon Skyview Wifi Adapter

Dynon Avionics - New - 102405-000

Only available for purchase with Dynon Skyview system.



SkyView can now connect to ForeFlight Mobile via Wi-Fi. This connectivity makes flight planning and preparation easier and more efficient for those who fly with ForeFlight, and also allows ForeFlight to benefit from SkyView's GPS position and attitude indication.

Now you can plan your flight at home using ForeFlight Mobile’s comprehensive flight planning and flight plan filing features, then save time at the airplane by sending the planned route to your SkyView system via Wi-Fi. Flight plans sent from ForeFlight can be edited on SkyView and flown by the SkyView Autopilot. You can transfer updated flight plans between the devices at any time.

SkyView-ForeFlight connectivity is enabled by a new Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView that is installed in any of SkyView’s USB ports. One is required for each SkyView display installed in an aircraft, maintaining system redundancy. Once configured, ForeFlight connects to SkyView via a secure WPA2-protected Wi-Fi link.

Pilots also benefit from SkyView’s built-in WAAS GPS, which can drive aircraft position in ForeFlight. This is great for those with Wi-Fi-only iPads, and provides an additional high-availability GPS source for GPS-equipped devices.

When connected to SkyView, ForeFlight’s attitude indicator is powered by the same IFR-capable ADAHRS installed in every SkyView aircraft. This allows your ForeFlight attitude indication and Synthetic Vision display to show the same depiction for the best possible in-flight situational awareness.

What do I need to connect SkyView to ForeFlight?

  • A "Wi-Fi Adapter for SkyView" for each SkyView display you have installed
  • SkyView version 12.0 or later
  • ForeFlight Mobile Pro version 6.7 or later

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