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The MVP-50T has redefined what a Turboprop engine analyzer should be. This premiere engine monitoring dynamo includes accurate, programmable monitoring for all major Turboprop functions, including N1, N2, ITT, Torque, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Volts, Amps, Fuel Level, Fuel Flow, Time to Empty, and many other critical functions.

In addition, the MVP-50T offers pilots customized, interactive checklists, custom information screens, Programmable Temp Limits, Data Recording Capabilities, and the convenience of a USB Port on the front of the bezel for easy changes in configurations, data recording downloads and other critical files.

The bottom line is that there is no other system that even comes close to offering the functionality provided by the MVP-50T!

Main Screen

  • N1 and N2: The RPM’s are displayed in large, bright, crisp digits as well as in a 270 degree graphic arc, so you can simultaneously monitor RPM at a glance and with precision accuracy. Wires from the EDC-33T wire harness connect to the outputs of the Tach Generators.
  • Torque: The MVP-50 provides pilots with precision digital torque readings, along with a 270′ graphic arc, so pilots can determine at a glance where the Torque is currently, and can likewise see within 1% the current Torque reading.
  • ITT: During startup, the ITT readings must be kept under redline to avoid costly damage to the engine stator fans. The MVP-50T keeps a close watch on the ITT during all engine operations, and provides pilots with precision accuracy along with a graphical arc for immediate visual reference.
  • Engine Pressures: The MVP-50T watches over Fuel Pressure and Oil Pressure, and displays both in digital and strip gauge formats for quick and accurate reference.
  • Fuel Flow: The main screeen constantly displays the current fuel flow, accurate to .1 gph, in both digital and strip gauge formats. Proprietary algorithms allow rapid response to engine adjustments without irritating, jumpy readings.
  • Fuel Levels: The MVP-50T can monitor several fuel levels, but two main fuel levels are constantly displayed on the Main Screen in digital and strip gauge formats for quick and accurate reference.
  • Electrical System: The precise resolution of .1 volts and .1 amps allows you to accurately monitor and manage the load on your aircraft electrical system and the health of your battery.
  • Timers: Select from Up Timers, Down Timers, Flight Time and Clocks.
  • Redlines & Operating Ranges: Regardless of the parameter you monitor with the MVP-50P, the operating ranges are completely programmable. The MVP-50 will alert you via visual and/or audible alarms when a parameter exceeds the programmed limits.
  • Annunciator Panel: The MVP-50T boasts a customizable panel of annunciators that are constantly viewable on the Main Screen. This way, if a baggage door is open, pitot heat is on, or any other parameter needing to be monitored reaches or exceeds a redline, the pilot will be notified immediately of the condition.
  • Choose Your Functions: Several different functions are available, including Gyro Vacuum, Flaps, Hydraulic Pressure, Pressure Altitude, Airspeed, virtually any temperature or pressure, plus more! Or, add an additional voltage or amps to monitor a secondary bus. The MVP-50T even allows you to create and name your own functions. The options are nearly limitless.

System Screen
The System Screen provides pilots with tremendous flexibility by providing a whole other page to monitor important functions. Any function, from trim, flaps and rudder to baggage door relays can be monitored on this page.

  • Customizable: If you have a sensor with an output, the MVP-50T can monitor it. Simply program the MVP-50T to accept the input, and name the input whatever you want. The options are virtually endless.
  • Annunciators: Each parameter monitored by the MVP-50T has programmable ranges and limits. If the function exceeds a programmed limit, the MVP-50T will alert you immediately, either via an audible alarm in your headset, a bright external LED, a flashing number on the MVP-50T Annunciator Panel or a combination of the three.
  • Main Functions: Regardless of what you choose to monitor on the System Screen, all of the main functions from the Main Screen are still shown on the righthand side bar. Every displayed Main Screen Function is depicted digitally and in a graphical strip gauge for easy reference and precision.

Weight and Balance
Pilots are required by law to perform a Weight and Balance check every time they fly. The MVP-50 makes this sometimes cumbersome and frustrating task a breeze with its advanced Weight and Balance screen.

  • Automation: The MVP-50’s dynamic Weight and Balance screen allows pilots to enter weights for each individual arm of the aircraft. Arms are input and stored during system setup. The screen also displays the weight of fuel onboard, as well as the maximum weight, total weight and the difference between the two. The aircraft Center of Gravity is also digitally displayed for quick reference
  • The Envelope: The MVP-50’s CG Limit Screen provides the pilot with a Weight and Balance Envelope that gives an instant visual feedback regarding the aircraft’s Center of Gravity information. The screen also digitally displays the numbers that are critical to the aircraft Weight and Balance and Center of Gravity.

Create Checklists for any procedure, such as Takeoff, Landing, Emergency Procedures and more. The MVP-50T allows pilots to store as many as 100 unique, programmable checklists, so you will never run out of storage space. All Checklists are stored alphabetically in the MVP-50, and can be retreived with the click of a button.

The MVP-50T Checklists are not simply lists of tasks, but they provide feedback to the pilot. The Checklists allow you to place a checkmark next to any step in a list as each step is completed. If you exit a Checklist to view another screen and then return to the Checklist at a later point during the flight, the MVP-50T will remember the exact step you were on when you were last using the Checklist.

Fuel Management

With the MVP-50T, you will never again have to guess as to your fuel-on-board status. The MVP-50T keeps track of Fuel Flow, Fuel Remaining, Time to Empty, up to four Fuel Levels, Fuel to Waypoint, Fuel in Reserve once your next waypoint is reached, Miles per Gallon, Fuel Used since your last fill up and Fuel Used for each flight. Though Fuel Flow is accurate to .1 gallon, pilots may choose to display fuel in Gallons, British Gallons, Liters or Pounds.

  • Fuel Flow: The MVP-50T boasts accurate, stable fuel flow to .1 gph. While other fuel flows either have quick response with nonstable readings, or stable readings with sluggish response, proprietary algorithms allow the MVP-50T’s fuel flow rapid response to engine adjustments without irritating, jumpy readings.
  • Fuel Remaining: The MVP-50T not only displays Fuel Level, it also displays a “calculated” Fuel Remaining. This Fuel Remaining is based on the factors of time and your Fuel Flow. For example, if you start with 40 gallons on board and have flown for one hour at 10 gph, you will have 30 gallons remaining. Providing the pilot resets the fuel level when the tanks are refilled, this function is an extremely accurate and powerful tool to assist you with fuel management.
  • Time to Empty: The MVP-50T automatically determines how much time is remaining before the tanks run dry. This function is calculated on current Fuel Flow and Fuel Remaining. The MVP-50T will alert you when the Time to Empty reaches a pilot-programmable limit.
  • Fuel Levels: Up to four fuel levels at a time may be monitored and displayed on the MVP-50T. Though Fuel Levels are accurate to .1 gallon, pilots may choose to display fuel in Gallons, British Gallons, Liters or Pounds.
  • Fuel to Waypoint: The MVP-50T not only receives information from an Electronics International flow transducer to provide you with pinpoint fuel flow accuracy, it also receives GPS information. By combining GPS information with the flow transducer output, the MVP-50T is capable of providing pilots with how much fuel is needed to reach the next waypoint.
  • Miles per Gallon: Another feature the MVP-50T derives from Fuel Flow and GPS information is Miles per Gallon. You will be able to immediately determine the best fuel economy for your flight, while in the air. Pilots can switch between Statute Miles per Gallon and Nautical Miles per Gallon.
  • Fuel Used: The MVP-50T keeps track of how much fuel has been used during each flight, as well as how much fuel has been used since the last time the tanks have been filled. Having such an accurate fuel used history will allow you to more accurately plan for cross-country flight fuel stops.

Programmable Over and Under Temp Limits
These limits provide pilots with immediate alerts whenever critical function parameters are exceeded during flight.

Onboard Data-Recording
This on board functionality gives pilots the capability to review entire flight histories for any flight. The System Screen is dedicated to aircraft systems, including flaps, trim and rudder, as well as whatever other functions you want to view.

Customizable Checklists
Allow the MVP-50T to visually inform you which steps have and have not been completed in each checklist.

General Information Screens and Flight Plan Screens
These screens can be customized to store critical flight information, allowing you to create a “virtual cockpit,” free of the pieces of paper pilots regularly have to juggle to stay on top of in-flight operations.

Onboard USB Port
This conveniently located port allows pilots to quickly change configurations, update firmware, upload checklists, upload flight plans, upload general information screens, and download critical flight data logs.

MVP-50T Display

  • Weight: 1.9 Lbs.
  • Environmental: Designed to TSO (DO-160)
  • Software: Designed to TSO (DO-178B)
  • Power Requirements: 7.5 to 30 Volts, .3 Amps @24V (Typical), .6 Amps @ 12V (Typical).
  • USB Port: For USB Memory Sticks Only (not intended to provide power to other electronic devices)
  • Display: Active TFT Matrix, 262,144 colors. Sunlight readable.
  • Backlight: External Control Line and Internal Electric Eye

  • Weight: 1.0 Lbs
  • Environmental: Meets TSO (DO-160)
  • Software: Designed and documented to TSO (DO-178B)
  • Power Requirements: 7.5 Volts to 30 Volts, 0.1 amps (Typical)

  • Volts: Measured on the power lead of the EDC.
  • Amps: +/- 2.5V differential input, +/- 90V common mode operating range
  • Fuel Flow: 2.5V trigger, 5.11K Ohm pull-up to +5V, 0 to 8.3KHz.
  • RPM: 2 ea. inputs – Connects to an N1 or N2 Tach Generator with a 1 Hz sine wave per revolution. Over voltage protection, Trigger Level = .39/0 volt with hysteresis, Input Impedence = 20.0K , Max Input Frequency = 120 Hz.
  • Pressure: 9 ea. inputs, 0 to 2.5V differential input. Impedence 20M Ohms, common mode = 0 to 4 Volts.
  • Temperature: 13 ea. inputs, 0 to 2.5V differential input. Impedence = 12.1K Ohms, common mode = 0 to 4V.
  • Resistive Fuel Level: 4 ea. inputs, 0 to 18V single ended input, impedence = 14.4K Ohms
  • Capacitive Fuel Level: 4 ea. inputs, 0 to 6 KHz. 2.1V trigger, impendence = 33.2K Ohms

Hardware Included:

  • MVP-50T Color Display Unit
  • EDC-33T Engine Data Converter
  • Pre-Wired Harnesses
  • N1 & N2 Hookups
  • Torque Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Oil Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Oil Temperature Probe and Cable
  • Fuel Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Fuel Flow Transducer and Cable
  • OAT Probe and Cable
  • Shunt (For Amps) and Cable
  • Volts Pickup
  • USB Download/Upload Memory Stick
  • AL-1R (Red External Warning Light)
  • AV-17CP Voice Warning Control Panel

Other Functions Included:

  • Help Screen
  • Weight and Balance Data
  • Weight and Balance Graph
  • GPS Interface and Data
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Used for Trip
  • Fuel Used Since Last Fill Up
  • Time to Empty
  • Fuel to Waypoint
  • Time to Waypoint
  • Distance to Waypoint
  • Fuel in Reserve
  • Time in Reserve
  • Distance in Reserve
  • Up Timer
  • Down Timer
  • Flight Timer
  • Engine Hours
  • Cycles
  • Date
  • Local Time
  • Zulu Time
  • Voice Warnings

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