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The Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS is a stability augmentation system (SAS) and two-axis autopilot¹ that provides attitude stabilization and force feedback to the cyclic control for helicopters with hydraulic controls. The system architecture is a parallel design that maintains the integrity of the basic helicopter flight control rods while using electro-mechanical servo actuators that are connected to the helicopter’s flight controls rods with parallel linkage.

The HeliSAS is designed as an attitude-based system that accepts attitude source data using a digital attitude heading reference system (AHRS)² inputs, and motion sensors located in the Flight Control Computer (FCC). The FCC commands the servo actuators to apply small corrections to the cyclic as required to maintain attitude.

Available for the following rotorcraft models:

  • Robinson R44
  • Robinson R66
  • Bell 206B
  • Bell 206L / L-1 / L-3 / L-4
  • Bell 407
  • Airbus Helicopter EC 120 B (H120)
  • Airbus Helicopter EC 130 B4
  • Airbus Helicopter EC 130 T2 (H130)
  • Airbus Helicopter AS 350 B/BA/D/B1/B2
  • Airbus Helicopter AS 350 B3/B3e (H125)
¹ If autopilot heading hold is desired, a heading system (e.g DG with heading bug) must be installed and active.
² Please note that the attitude source will need to be provided/purchased separately.

  • Significant stability improvement: Pilots with no helicopter experience have successfully hovered a HeliSAS-equipped helicopter with very little practice.
  • Automatic recovery to near-level flight: If the helicopter is inadvertently flown to an extreme attitude, releasing the cyclic when the HeliSAS is engaged will automatically return the helicopter to a near-level attitude (roll trim limits are +5o to -5o and pitch trim limits are +11o and -6o).
  • Altitude
  • Heading hold
  • Track GPS course
  • Track VOR
  • Track ILS
  • Backcourse localizer
  • VNAV approach with WAAS-capable GPS
  • VNAV enroute with Cobham EFIS

  • Dimensions: 5.75" x 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.48 lb

NOTE: All functions can be used in flight at airspeeds above 44 knots.

  • HeliSAS Control Panel (HCP)
  • Flight Control Computer (FCC)
  • Roll Servo
  • Pitch Servo
  • *Yaw Servo (optional)
  • Install Kit
  • STC Documentation

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