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Garmin GPS-165 (SV)

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The Garmin GPS 155 and 165 TSO are the world's first GPS receivers to be fully certified to FAA TSO-C129, Class A1 standards for non-precision approach use, giving you the freedom and convenience of flying IFR from takeoff to touchdown with GPS as your navigation reference. And by flying with Garmin as your GPS source, you've got the inherent reliability, workload-limiting features, worldwide service and peace of mind that can only come from flying the #1 name in general aviation GPS.

The GPS 155/165 TSO store navigation fixes for over 4,500 approaches, from the initial fix to the missed approach holding point, while Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)—a critical requirement for IFR approach certification—confirms adequate reception of satellite signals. Both models feature a three-line vacuum-florescent dot matrix display that provides exceptional readability from almost any angle—even in direct sunlight. A huge Jeppesen® database provides access to a flightcase full of navigation, communication, airport, airspace, approach, departure and arrival route information—all from a convenient, front-loading NavData® card. These high-performance panel mounts also store up to 1,000 user waypoints and 20 reversible flight plans of up to 31 waypoints each. (And you can add your own comments on up to 250 data items.)

The GPS 155 TSO is a standard 6.25-inch, Mark-width box designed for easy rack-mounting in most light aircraft, while the GPS 165 TSO is a 5.75-inch, ATR-width box with Dzus-rail mounts. And they both interface with your flight control, EFIS, HSI, moving map, altitude encoder, fuel management, or other sophisticated systems, while a back-up battery keeps you navigating in the event of an electrical failure.
  • GPS 165 TSO
  • Jeppesen® data card
  • Aviation installation kit with low-profile TSO antenna

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