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Dynon Avionics EMS-D120 Super Bright

Engine Monitoring System w/Super-Bright Screen

Dynon Avionics - New - 100566-001


The EMS-D120 is a large screen Engine Monitoring System (EMS) that blends traditional analog gauges with newer digital technologies. The EMS-D120 replaces up to 16 different types of gauges which are displayed on a stunning 7” diagonal color screen. The sunlight readable, color display and softkey menu system result in a user-friendly instrument that enhances overall safety and peace of mind.

What makes the EMS-D120 so powerful is its ability to continuously monitor up to 27 available sensor inputs that cover the engine, fuel and other miscellaneous systems and annunciate any abnormality immediately upon detection. This constant scan significantly reduces the pilots workload while providing a more thorough and consistent review.

A split-screen display environment provides pilots with an excellent overview of the system coupled with additional pages of auxiliary information all available upon demand. Each of the color graphic pages are designed to promote easy visual scanning for interpretation of the current measurements relative to their normal/abnormal operational limits.

Unlike many other similar systems, Dynon's EMS-D120 is easy to setup while simultaneously supporting a high degree of configurability to accommodate a variety of different engines and pilot preferences. The default boot-up or start-up screen example depicted above contains two separate pages on a split-screen format. During the initial setup, installers determine which gauges are indicated, their operational ranges, and whether an alarm is manifested along with its behavior. Info Items may be added to present the specific needs of the particular engine, aircraft or pilots preferences.

This degree of engine specific and pilot preferential customization when combined with a multi-page type of display and pilot configured checklists all add up to provide a unique presentation tailored to fit almost any need.

Dynon offers a variety of probes to accompany the EMS-D120 instrument with very attractive package pricing. The probes offered by Dynon are optimized to support a variety of engines including Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, and Jabiru. Probes may also be purchased individually to monitor other engine types not specifically accommodated for by Dynon's probe packages.

Airplanes with existing engine sensors may already be compatible with the Dynon EMS-D120 system. The EMS-D120 was designed with the intention of retrofitting some of the previously popular, non graphical systems like Grand Rapids EIS systems and Rocky Mountain Inc, Micro Monitors. While not 100% backward compatible, replacement costs are minimized to the extent possible.

  • Engine Probe Kits
  • Fuel Flow Sensor
  • USB-Serial Converter
  • Replaces 16 Types of Gauges
  • Solid State Electronics
  • Color LCD
  • Supports Several Different Engine Types
  • EGT Peak Detection
  • Configurable Alarms
  • User-Friendly Operation
  • Affordable Price
  • Mounting: 6.95”W x 4.90”H x 4.51”D (177 x 125 x 115 mm)
  • Mounting: Supplied with mounting tray that facilitates front removal of EFIS
  • Weight: 2 lb. 6 oz (1.33 kg)
  • Operating Temperature: -22 to 122 F (-30 to 50 C)
  • Voltage: 10 - 30 Vdc
  • Power: 14 watts typical
  • Screen Type: AMLCD, TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
  • Backlight: 0.8 to 400 nit, user adjustable
  • Size: 7.0” diagonal (178 mm)
  • Resolution: 854 x 480 color pixels
  • Flight Timer: Current flight, 99 hrs 59 min max
  • Trip Timer: Total trip hours for tracking multiple leg flights, can be reset via softkey, 99 hrs 59 min max
  • Timer: Generic, can be reset via softkey, 99 hrs 59 min max
  • Tachometer: 99999.9 hrs max
  • Hobbs Meter: Activated by oil pressure, 99999.9 hrs max
  • Outputs: 1- Alarm Light Contact, 1- Audio Alarm, 1- RS-232, 2- DSAB (Dynon Smart Avionics Bus)
  • EMS-D120 Instrument w/Super-Bright Screen
  • Mounting Tray
  • Installation Guide
  • Pilot User Manual

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