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Bendix King AEROWAVE 100

High-speed Inflight Internet Solution

Install Only
Bendix King - New - AWAVE-0X

Note that the price listed is for equipment only. Router sold separately. Please contact our sales department for an installation quote specific to your aircraft.

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Data at Affordable Prices

BendixKing by Honeywell brings you not only the technology that provides new possibilities but provides simple, easy to understand service plans based on hours of use, not how much data you use so pilots, passengers and business owners have the opportunity to stay connected during flight with the world below without worrying about costs.

Leverage the Cloud. In the Clouds

Send and receive emails. Surf the web. Stay connected with your business while airborne. Check the weather, instant message, chat, and more, all while during flight. A simplified monthly pricing structure means you avoid surprise billing charges.

A Fully Connected Aircraft

The next generation of general aviation is upon us and BendixKing by Honeywell is striving to help lay the groundwork. The first step in the ecosystem of a fully connected cockpit is a fast, afforable in-flight internet solution. The BendixKing AeroWave 100 provides the answer and brings us one step closer.

Time Matters

The BendixKing AeroWave 100 gives you the freedom to stay connected and no longer choose between getting away or staying in touch. And when fortunes can be made or lost in a single day, when your office needs a new view, or you need to keep everyone happy at 20,000 feet, BendixKing helps you stay ahead of the storm. We're on the journey with you and changing the face of aviation...again.

  • Aerowave 100 HDU (p/n 90402045)
  • ESCM Assembly (p/n 1252-A-4120-01)
  • SCD Maintenance Cable Assembly (p/n 1541-F-3150)
  • Install Kit (p/n 89000015-001)
  • RF Coax Kit (p/n 89000015-002)
  • Bias-T Box (p/n 89000015-008)
  • Active LGA Antenna (p/n 89000015-008)
  • Tray-No Fan (p/n 89000015-004) *included in AWAVE-01 only
  • Tray-With Fan (p/n 89000015-003) *included in AWAVE-02 only

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