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When you snap your aera 660 GPS into the Panel Dock, you will immediately appreciate the glove-like fit. The Panel Dock conforms to every curve of the new aera 660 while also matching the look and feel of the rest of your avionics stack, giving you a pleasant, professional looking panel.

The new Aera 660 Panel Dock maximizes your use of the aera 660 by placing it right in your panel. Your GPS is held securely in place, and as a result, the touchscreen controls feel comfortable and stable. Once in flight, you will appreciate the safety of having your portable GPS out of the way of your controls. The GPS won't be blocking your other instruments. Your GPS finally has a home in your cockpit. Touch screen controls are easier to navigate when the device is held securely in the panel, and you will enjoy the professional and clean installation.

Although the Panel Dock holds the aera 660 securely, you will appreciate the ability to quickly remove the GPS from the aircraft. You are free to use the GPS in another vehicle. You will also enjoy flight planning outside of the aircraft.

Cable management is always a concern with portable devices. Garmin has reduced the number of connectors on this device by using a docking connector. This docking connector nests into the back of our Panel Dock. Airgizmos has integrated Garmin's docking connector into their design. Just click the Aera 660 into place and you are ready to go.

Garmin uses the power button to allow you to adjust lighting levels as well as other features of the GPS, so Airgizmos molded in an actuator for the power button. This allows easy access of the power button with the GPS held securely in the panel.

The aera 660 Panel Dock fits a standard radio stack. Dimensions are 6.25" wide by 4.25" high.

If you are upgrading from an older Garmin GPS, you will be happy to know that we have designed the aera 660 Panel Dock to fit the same opening as the GPSMAP 196/296/396/496 Panel Dock, and uses the same hole layout for mounting.

As with all of Airgizmos' Panel Dock products, the aera 660 Panel Dock is manufactured with high quality PC/ABS for long life.

  • Dimensions are 6.25" wide by 4.25" high

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