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ForeFlight Mobile: Two-Way Flight Plan Transfer with Garmin

ForeFlight Mobile 7.3

With ForeFlight Mobile 7.3, we are thrilled to deliver two-way flight plan transfer capability with Garmin GTN and GNS navigators! With a touch of a button, you can now wirelessly send a simple route, as well as approaches, SIDs, STARs, routes with airways, and search and rescue patterns directly from your mobile device to your panel. And it works both ways! Route changes you make on the Garmin navigator is received by ForeFlight Mobile, keeping your panel and iOS device in sync.

Two-Way Flight Plan Transfer with Garmin Navigators

The seamless handoff between ForeFlight Mobile and Garmin avionics allows you to more easily configure your navigational equipment and focus on flying. This timesaving capability helps you load complex routes or handle a reroute in flight with minimal head-down time. Learn more at foreflight.com/connect/garmin.