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RC Allen Introduces the New RCA 1510 Series Electric Digital Heading Indicator

The RCA1510 Electric Digital Heading Indicator utilizes an internal magnetic compass to determine aircraft heading. In flight, GPS information is added for a more stabilized and accurate heading reading.

Because the RCA1510 has no mechanical gyroscope, it is much more accurate than traditional heading indicators. Unlike a mechanical gyroscopic unit, the RCA1510 is not affected by drifting or wandering. The unit is designed to work without GPS input if the GPS signal is lost.

With no moving parts to wear out, the RCA1510 will give you years of dependable service.


  • Heading bug
  • Dual-processor performance
  • GPS input enhanced
  • 360-degree of pitch and roll
  • Multi-volt operation (9 to 32 volts)
  • Fits standard cutouts
  • Sharp anti-aliased display
  • Totally digital -- no moving parts
  • FAA Certified
  • 2-year limited warranty