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PS Engineering PAR100EX

With the PAR100EX, it was all about savings!  With larger and larger MFD/PFD's homebuilders and LSA manufacturers are finding it harder to install the traditional rack and stack radios. The PAR100EX completely eliminates the need for a stand alone radio. The small 3.4” X 2.5” X 4.7” remote mounted radio can be mounted anywhere. 

Included in the audio panel is our highly acclaimed automatic VOX, known as IntelliVox®,  but we did something special to it, allowing it to be set to extreme high noise levels, even for open cockpits.

And we have taken what we have learned over the last 5 years of  Bluetooth® technology and making pairing of phone or Bluetooth® enable audio device is as easy as can be.

For builders and owners who are on the fence about selecting an intercom or audio panel, the decision has just gotten so much easier.

Now you can have it all, even if you need only one radio. Get the PAR100EX which will satisfy all of your intercom, switched and unswitched audio, entertainment, and a Com Radio.

The PAR100EX has fully independent power supplies so you can power up the radio or audio panel individually, or together, it's what ever you want. And if you have a Navigator/Com, you can use it as Com 1 and use our remote radio as Com 2.

Remote Mounted Microair Radio built exclusively for PS Engineering, Inc.The PAR100EX uses the same tray and connector as the GMA240, GMA340, PMA8000 series. However, there is additional wiring that is required to interface the Com Radio to the audio panel. 

Also included is the Monitor Mode, allowing to hear the Active and Standby frequencies at the same time. When the Active becomes active, the Standby frequency will become muted.

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