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PS Engineering Introduces PAR200B Audio Panel/Remote Radio

Over that past 35 years, PS Engineering has established itself as the premier audio control manufacturer and innovator in General Aviation. Today, PS Engineering is the only company that provides an FAA TSO’d audio panel that controls a remote mounted aviation transceiver.

The original PAR200 was introduced in 2013. In 2014, it was awarded the Aviation Consumer Gear of the Year for being the “Most Economical Combination Audio Panel”. With the European tuning requirements coming on scene in 2015, the PAR200A was introduced to accommodate the international standards.

Never resting on their laurels, PS Engineering, Inc. has been listening to their customers and are announcing their new PAR200B during the 50th Year of Airventure at Oshkosh Fly in. While the functionality hasn’t changed, the user interface has received a great amount of attention. The result is much easier to use and features a brilliant display and simplifies access to advanced functions.

With the combination of audio panel, intercom with integrated Bluetooth®, and aircraft radio, the pilot can upgrade their existing outdated audio panel, intercom, and radio with just a standard width, 1.3” tall audio panel. The Trig Transceiver is remote mounted, making installation much easier.

“For years, the sales of our PAR200 exceeded our forecasts. It was clear that this combination was working well for owners of aircraft that are flown for passion versus for business. The PAR200B meets the needs of those whose mission is for flying mostly VFR and in an airplane that doesn’t warrant a costly radio upgrade” said Mark Scheuer Founder and CEO of the company.

The PAR200B will fit the mission for aircraft owners from Stinsons to Taylorcrafts, Warriors to Archers, from the C152 to C172, and various other VFR aircraft. PS Engineering’s customers love the simplicity, price and performance of the system.

Scheuer continued - “But we knew we could improve the PAR200A by listening to our customers. They told us that they wanted a larger screen, a better knob for tuning, and easier access to the advanced functions. So, we gave them what they asked for.”

In addition to the user interface, PS Engineering added their IntelliAudio®, the USAF patented technology that provides true dimensional sound. Now the pilot can pay attention to the radio that is important at any instant in time. IntelliAudio® has been a game changer when it comes to listening to multiple radios.

The 4-place hi-fi stereo intercom has IntelliVox® (AutoVOX) and a Bluetooth® interface for wireless telephone and music streaming. The audio panel has both individual volume controls for the intercom and radio levels. A built-in speaker amplifier, split mode and frequency recall are all part of the PAR200B audio panel.


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