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PS Engineering Announces the PAR200 Audio Panel/Com


With the PAR200, it was all about savings!  The cost of flying and maintaining the family airplane has been going up for many years. For some, the thought of upgrading the avionics suite seemed insurmountable! But that is about to change with the new PAR200.  For aircraft owners who are on the fence about upgrading their audio or radio system, the decision has just gotten easier.

The PAR200 has it all. Starting off with a full featured audio selector panel, it also has our 4-place stereo IntelliVox® intercom with Bluetooth® interconnectivity, a 10 Watt Speaker Amplifier, and last but least, the PAR200 is your control panel that accesses a  very capable 760 channel VHF aviation radio.

TY91LThe radio has been designed and manufactured by the highly acclaimed Trig Avionics, LTD.  This radio provides at minimum, 6 watts of output power that will provide loud and clear radio communications. Automatic radio squelch assures that the radio trip level is always optimally set. However, for those far off radio receptions, manual squelch is easy adjusted. And to add a bit of flexibility, we have included our highly lauded Bluetooth® technology. Pairing of phones or Bluetooth® enable audio devices is easily achieved for wireless entertainment.

Telephone calls can be distributed in three different ways (as determined by the ICS switch). The pilot can make a private phone call, the crew can make a call, or all on board can be in on the conversation. And for music inputs, there are two different inputs and two types music distribution. The standard configuration allows music 1 (or Bluetooth® to go to the crew while the passengers hear music 2. The other selection allows music 1 (or Bluetooth) to go to all headsets.

Monitor Mode allows the pilot to hear the Active and Standby frequencies at the same time. When the Active frequency becomes active, the Standby frequency will be muted. Along with the Monitor Function, the PAR200 also has our patented Swap mode, allowing the com radios to switch from Com 1 active to Com 2 active, and visa-versa. Up to 5 discrete radio frequencies can be stored in non-volatile memory for quick dial up as well as being able to swap from and Com 1 to Com 2 by way of a yoke mounted switch.

The construction of this radio could be considered "industrial strength".  The quick dismount of the radio from its mounting bracket makes inserting the unit a cinch. Even the RF connector hasn't been spared for longevity, using a TNC connector versus the typical BNC type. The PAR200 also has fully independent power supplies so you can power up the radio or audio panel individually. And if you have a second Com or Navcom, you can use it as Com 1 and use our remote radio as Com 2.

The PAR200 uses the same tray and connector as the GMA240, GMA340, PMA8000 series. However, there is additional wiring that is required to interface the Com Radio to the audio panel. All connectors are included with the radio.