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New TSO'd PAC45 Helicopter/Business Jet Audio Controller from PS Engineering

The PAC45 is the only FAA approved, DZUS mounted, audio controller designed specifically for business jets as well as for special mission aircraft to employ True Dimensional Sound. Known as MultiTalker™, this technology allows the crew to place com audio in unique three dimensional positions within a stereo headset, making it much easier to listen to the radio that is important at any instant in time.

Along with MultiTalker™ is an extensive list of capabilities that makes this system so unique:

  • AMS Series pin compatibility with a 1.88" DZUS mount
  • Up to three control heads (Pilot, Copilot, Mission observers) with single hub
  • Multi-talker spatial processing for 6 COMs in 9 locations
  • Up to 8 hi-fi stereo intercom positions
  • Proven IntelliVox® high noise automatic VOX with high-noise mode and PTT-ICS
  • Bluetooth® enabled for telephone and music streaming
  • Full Duplex Satellite Telephone capable
  • Audio output power of 100mW into stereo headsets
  • Volume controls for all switched receivers
  • Unlimited bezel legend nomenclature with dealer tool
  • 4 un-switched inputs
  • 3 triggers for custom alert annunciations independent of audio panel operation
  • CVR output
  • ICS Call functions
  • Public Address
  • Optional NVG Compliant (Aero Dynamix)