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New from DRE Communications: The DRE8001 Lynx

The LYNX and the 8001 provide a Bluetooth® capable interface to allow the use of cell phones as well as audio units for the user without interfering with normal aircraft communications.

The LYNX interface provides the ability for the user to access cell phone communication as well as streamed music with the highest quality audio. It features Bluetooth® connectivity for up to 8 different devices and also provides cell phone and music jack inputs. The Bluetooth® system can be upgraded so that it is never obsolete. All phone and music device functions can be controlled from the LYNX if the device supports it. If you do not have a Bluetooth® device, you can still enjoy the phone or music device you have through the 1/8" inputs provided. An E6B computer is incorporated as well as numerous stopwatch functions, fuel and approach timers. All the audio levels for connected devices as well as communication and side tone are adjustable from the LYNX. ANR power for your headset can be provided from the LYNX as well. This power is provided by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. It can be recharged from numerous sources (115vac, 12-24 volt cigarette lighter, USB computer port) with the provided adapters, or straight from the aircraft power supply.

Part No.   Model No. Pricing
DRE8001 DRE-8001 Lynx w/E6B Computer