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Introducing the GXM 42 Portable Aviation Weather Receiver

Announcing the GXM 42 portable SiriusXM Aviation weather receiver that when paired with an aera 796 allows pilots to access new weather services made available by SiriusXM‘s enhanced satellite network.

The updated SiriusXM Aviation service gives pilots access to comprehensive weather products as they become available, allowing operators to make educated decisions in-flight as it relates to weather.

The GXM 42 is the latest addition to a vast lineup of weather antenna receivers to offer state-of-the-art SiriusXM Aviation information. SiriusXM is offering a new lineup of packages and products within those packages. As an example, the Pilot Express base package offers lightning, cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground activity, graphical winds aloft, temperatures aloft, AIRMETS, and SIGMETS. Additionally, there are new lower price activation fees as well as discounts for customers that prepay for an entire year or more of service.

Similar to earlier generation antennas, the GXM 42 offers important weather products such as radar, aviation routine weather reports (METARs), terminal aerodrome forecasts (TAFs), temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), lightning, turbulence forecasts, and more. Data subscriptions and coverage area information are available from SiriusXM.

The GXM 42 is currently available for purchase for $599. SiriusXM is expected to offer a $300 SiriusXM Rewards Visa® Prepaid Card rebate for new purchases with a qualifying subscription (certain conditions apply, expect more details to become available at SiriusXM.com/sxmaviation).

The GXM 42 is initially compatible with the aera 796 with a comparable product feature set available in the current packages. Future compatibility for current production portables is expected to become available this year. The aera 796 is now available without either a GXM 40 or a GXM 42 for $1,699.
Part Number Name Price
010-01173-00 GXM42 SiriusXM Receiver $599.00
010-00967-11 aera 796 without GXM weather receiver $1,699.00