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Garmin Updates G3X Touch™ for Certificated Aircraft

Garmin is pleased to announce the addition of new features and panel configuration options for G3X Touch flight displays installed in certified aircraft. Additionally, new interface options have been approved, allowing aircraft owners to add options such as a remote audio panel or remote comm radio. New features include wireless engine data streaming and flight data logging — allowing pilots to view engine information in real-time on the Garmin Pilot™ app. Engine information and flight data logs are also automatically synced from Garmin Pilot to the flyGarmin® website, allowing aircraft owners to easily review performance information and trend data post-flight.

New display configurations now available with G3X Touch for Certificated Aircraft include the following:

  • Dual 10.6-inch displays can now be installed and configured as a Primary Flight Display (PFD) on the leftand Multi-function display (MFD) on the right, with optional engine information located on either display.
  • The 7-inch G3X Touch display can be added on the right-hand side of the panel for use as a co-pilotselectable MFD or PFD display. Note that the PFD capability on the co-pilot display utilizes the sensors from the pilot-side G3X Touch PFD.
  • Up to three G3X Touch displays can now be installed in a single panel; up to a total of four displays can be installed in tandem aircraft.
  • The 7-inch or 10.6-inch G3X Touch displays can be installed as a standalone MFD with optional EIS — a natural addition for thousands of aircraft that already utilize the G5 electronic flight instrument for primary flight data.

New interface options have also received PMA and are approved for installation with G3X Touch installed in certified aircraft. These new interfaces include the following:

  • GMA 245R MKR Audio Panel - adds a remote audio panel option for G3X Touch in certified aircraft. The GMA 245R MKR includes marker beacon support and is controlled from a G3X Touch display. 
  • GTR 20 Remote Comm Radio - offers pilots a remote Comm option that is controlled through a G3X Touch display. Features include 3D Audio, advanced auto squelch and a two-place stereo intercom with stereo music input.
  • GTR 200B Comm Radio - a cost-effective, panel-mount Comm option that includes Bluetooth connectivity with a phone or tablet, as well as 3D Audio, advanced auto squelch, a two-place stereo intercom and more.
  • GAP 26 Angle of Attack (AOA) Probe - adds the display of AOA on G3X Touch flight displays. Note that in certified aircraft the GAP 26 is exclusively available in a heated variant and may only be used for AOA.

Other updates include support for wig-wag landing lights via the GAD™ 27. G5 for Certificated Aircraft has also been updated to add new features. When appropriately equipped with a GAD 13, G5 for Certificated Aircraft now supports the display of density altitude. Additionally, G5 for Certificated Aircraft can now share outside air temperature (OAT) with select navigators and transponders.