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Garmin Introduces GTR 200B

Garmin is pleased to introduce the GTR 200B comm radio and intercom. Enabled with BLUETOOTH technology, GTR 200B is designed specifically for experimental and amateur-built aircraft. In addition to auto squelch, stereo intercom, alert inputs, standby frequency monitoring and more, BLUETOOTH connectivity allows pilots to connect a smartphone or tablet to easily make phone calls and listen to audio entertainment. GTR 200B also incorporates 3D Audio processing, spatially separating incoming audio to reflect how people process sound and conversation by differentiating audio sources and their unique locations or seat positions within the aircraft (stereo headsets required). Additionally, superior integration with G3X Touch™ flight displays allows pilots to change frequencies on GTR 200B directly from G3X Touch.

The GTR 200B boasts a slim design (1.35" tall) so it can easily adapt to a variety of aircraft panels. The powerful 10-watt comm also supports 14- and 28-volt aircraft and offers 25 kHz channel spacing.