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Garmin GTN Series 650 and 750

The wait is over for the GTN650 and GTN750 from Garmin. The panel-mount units are equipped with the latest in touchscreens, remote audio control, flight planning and electronic chart capabilities.

The screen area has changed dramatically, in addition to the desktop-like interface. The GTN 650 offers 53 percent more screen area than the GNS430W and the GTN750 offers 98 percent more screen area. The larger screen area allows the viewing of entire charts.

The units also offer enhanced situational awareness. There is a built-in terrain database that shows when potential conflicts are ahead. The units also allow pilots to fly GPS-guided LPV glidepath approaches down to ILS minimums.

In addition to the wide compatibility with other Garmin products, there is also XM Satellite weather, traffic and lightinging available on a moving map. Of course, XM raido is also available.

Gary Kelley, Garmin's vice president of marketing had this to say about the units. "We're confident that the GTN series will set a new standard on what avionics for general aviation aircraft should b, just as the GNS 430 and 530 did when they were announced in 1998."

GTN Series Comparison

Product GTN 625 GTN 635 GTN 650 GTN 725 GTN 750
Interface Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen
Unit Size (Height) 2.64" 2.64" 2.64" 6" 6"
Resolution 600 X 266 600 X 266 600 X 266 600 X 708 600 X 708
10 Watt Comm Radio No Yes Yes No Yes
16 Watt Comm Radio No Optional Optional No Optional
Vor/ILS/GS No No Yes No Yes
Gamma 3 WAAS Gps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Res Terrain Graphics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal TAWS-B Terrain alerting Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Preloaded Initial U.S. FliteCharts(R) Not Available Not Available Not Available Yes Yes
Jeppesen ChartView(TM) No No No Optional Optional
Preloaded U.S. Safetaxi (R) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Satellite Weather capable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can control remote transponder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Control remote audio processor No No No Yes Yes
Traffic System Capable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Garmin GTN Series Photos

garmin gtn 750 traffic weather on the garmin gtn garmin gtn 750 terrain gtn series controls
gtn 750 simplified navigation garmin gtn-650 image gtn 650 by garmin waypoint image